Liberty Net: September 15, 2012

by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

AS WE SAY GOODBYE to Summer 2012, we can look back on a season of real success for the Liberty Net. Despite high static levels, storms, and high absorption on the band, more and more new stations continued to check in, the phone patch was very active, and the conversations were illuminating. And that success has been recognized by others: Recently the No Agenda Report (here and here) and the FRRL have run excerpts from, and articles on, the Liberty Net — thanks, guys!

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Here’s a little sample of the issues discussed during the latest meeting of the Net:

• So far this year 42 banks have failed — and failing isn’t easy when you can create money! (24 minutes)

• A previously unknown group calling itself “The Cutting Sword of Justice” has taken responsibility for the virus that attacked and destroyed workstations at the Saudi Aramco oil company. Such a claim certainly doesn’t rule out intelligence agency involvement — and the major intelligence agencies, especially the CIA and Mossad, are probably the greatest centers of murderous and criminal activity on this planet. (25 minutes)

• Should the Muslim religion be banned in our societies because of its adherents’ tendency to overreact violently to real or imagined slurs? What about certain other Middle Eastern religions which manipulate us into far more violent wars? (31 minutes)

• Is the old saw “third parties can never win” just a self-fulfilling meme purposely inculcated in us to prevent change? Perhaps we should only support alternative parties. (49 minutes)

• Why was control of the presidential debates taken away from the League of Women Voters? Were representatives of the two banker-controlled parties terrified of the League’s tendency to give equal time to new parties? (51 minutes)

• Some Americans are wondering why America gives so much money to Muslim-Brotherhood-controlled Egypt. They don’t know that the endless giveaway is a payoff to Egypt for making a deal with Israel. (Israel not only does not fight its own wars, it also does not make its own payoffs. The stupid American taxpayers do.) (1 hour 1 minute)

• Why is “democracy” worshiped and even conflated with freedom by ignorant people? Not only are democracy and freedom not the same thing, they are pretty close to being mutually exclusive. Democracy is two lions and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. (1 hour 5 minutes)

• The unbelievable lying about “weapons of mass destruction” through which the American suckers were jingoed into invading Iraq was such an egregious and obvious crime that you’d think that Americans could never be fooled by the same trick again. But just look at all the gullible millions who are being jingoed into wanting to kill Iranians today. (1 hour 12 minutes)

• As we approach the phony elections, we are also approaching the infamous “October Surprise” time frame, during which violent events may be purposely triggered in order to anger and manipulate us. (1 hour 29 minutes)

• Confused about the wars and conflicts in the Middle East? Just think of it this way: A certain third party is encouraging us to do things which make the Muslims hate us — and also encouraging the Muslims to do things which make us hate them. That third party is closely connected to Israel. Clear now? (1 hour 32 minutes)

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Listen: Liberty Net 9/15″]