Liberty Net: September 22, 2012

by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

ONE OF THE THINGS I like about the Liberty Net is that it transcends the conventional categories of “left” and “right,” “liberal” and “conservative.”

Both the right and the left are all about economics, which essentially boils down to who should plow the turnip field, who should plant and harvest the turnips, and how many turnips everyone should get: as if the ultimate meaning of our lives and societies is the production and consumption of turnips — or dollars; same thing. The Liberty Net addresses economic issues at times, to be sure, but it also speaks to fundamental issues of who we are and what our purpose on Earth should be. It is radical in the original meaning of that word, which is “to get to the root of things.” And that’s a very good thing.

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Here’s a sampling of the issues debated and discussed this time:

• Only morons could possibly believe the “Iran is dangerous because of its nuclear program” pro-war propaganda, almost all of which directly or indirectly emanates from the one extremely dangerous, aggressive nuclear power in the Middle East: Israel. (18 minutes)

• It’s very good to hear that not all conservatives are following the neocon warmongers when it comes to Iran. One radio station owner in the Midwest, who checks in occasionally to the Liberty Net, is openly calling for allowing Iran total freedom to develop nuclear weapons if it wants to. He believes that a balance of power in that region is far better for peace than the current nuclear monopoly. (37 minutes)

• Could North America’s huge supply of natural gas be a way out of our dependence on the Middle East for energy? If it turns out that way, will our so-called “stalwart ally” there allow us to become neutral and withdraw from all the wars and conflicts we started in that region at their behest? (45 minutes)

• In Greece and Italy, bankers-turned-politicians now openly head the governments they eviscerated with their phony “debt” scam. Is America headed for the same fate? (59 minutes)

• It’s now come out that, during their pre-fame Chicago years, both Barack Obama and Rahm Emanuel were members of a homosexual bathhouse called “Man’s Country.” (1 hour 2 minutes)

• Jesse Jackson Jr. is missing from his job and residence in occupied Washington, ostensibly due to a “mood disorder.” But is it really because former governor Rod Blagojevich, currently imprisoned in Illinois for trying to sell Obama’s former Senate seat, is in the process of revealing to whom he was making the sale? (1 hour 17 minutes)

• Recently an innocent man named Brandon Raub was arrested by the Washington regime’s notoriously corrupt FBI, ostensibly because he and a few family members had started a Facebook group based on the the “Illuminati” fantasy card game, and he had made a comment about “sharpening his axe” in the game. Immediately before his arrest, FBI and Secret Service thugs questioned him at gunpoint about his political beliefs — the real reason for their interest. Raub was then thrown into a Hellish “mental hospital” — three hours away from his family and legal team — where he was imprisoned, threatened with forcible medication, and mentally tortured for a week. (1 hour 27 minutes)

• How much more must we sacrifice for Israel in its endless wars? How many more billions of our dollars? How many generations’ worth of our  irreplaceable real wealth? How many more of our young people’s lives? (1 hour 59 minutes)

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Listen: Liberty Net 9/22″]