Liberty Net: October 27, 2012

by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

THE LIBERTY NET continues to be one of the best places to speak the truth as you see it without the censorious and ethnic-agenda-driven “gatekeepers” of the billionaires’ mass media. All that is asked is that you be courteous, identify yourself, and wait for your turn to be called by Net Control Station W1WCR.

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Here are a just few samples of what was debated on the net this session:

• As more and more electric utility companies are being sold off to foreign interests, is infrastructure maintenance being sacrificed to boost profits, making storm outages far more widespread than they would otherwise be? (5 minutes)

• Why are literal busloads of Somalis — many of them illiterate and not even nominal citizens — being taken to the polls to “vote early” in Ohio? (9 minutes)

• It is so well known that Chicago is a corrupt, crime-boss-run city where gangs of all kinds run rampant that it is even the stuff of popular humor. Yet not only is nothing ever done about it, but elements of the Chicago mob now hold high positions in the Washington regime. (13 minutes)

• Why should our young people be burdened for life with huge “student loan” debts — debts that can’t even be discharged by bankruptcy no matter how large they get — when the bankers created the so-called “loans” out of thin air and took no risk whatsoever? (20 minutes)

• The regime’s investments in solar and other alternative energy companies appear to be uniquely incompetent and / or crooked, a problem that Germany — which just broke a record for solar power production — apparently doesn’t have. (30 minutes)

• With the rise of “smart meters” and “smart appliances,” is the electrical grid becoming the world’s largest spy network? (47 minutes)

• We need a new Un-American Activities Committee — under non-regime auspices, of course — which would investigate the two main political parties to determine whether they are inherently antithetical to this nation and its constitutional basis. (1 hour 1 minute)

• Guess who else who doesn’t trust the banker-owned regime in Washington? Germany is now sending signals that they want to repatriate the gold now being “held for them” by the Federal Reserve in New York. The first step is an audit. (1 hour 29 minutes)

Listen: Liberty Net 10/27″]