Liberty Net: March 16, 2013

Liberty Net - Westinghouse tubes

by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

THERE ARE SO MANY check-ins to the Liberty Net each week that a little bit of patience might be required, at least for the first couple of rounds, as you wait for your turn. The Net Control Station, Vic, W1WCR, will check you in and place you into a first-come first-served list. Then, each station in turn is called and invited to introduce topics or make comments on topics introduced by others. Several hours into the net, Vic will usually announce the beginning of the more informal “roundtable mode,” during which free-swinging discussions often ensue.

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Here are a few of the topics that were brought up for consideration during this week’s Liberty Net:

• Why is Abraham Lincoln being promoted so intensely by the controlled media lately? He brazenly violated the Constitution, wantonly killed hundreds of thousands of innocent Americans who only wanted independence, arrested and imprisoned legislators he thought were about to “vote wrongly,” and greatly empowered the cancerous, illegal federal monster in Washington. (16 minutes)

• A huge and growing percentage of the population is now connected to some kind of government money stream, whether it be Social Security that we’ve paid into, disability, “grants,” outright welfare, or numberless programs most of us aren’t even aware of — so much so that many believe the System will soon become unsustainable. The really ominous thing is the large number of productive White people who are now effectively “on strike” and refuse to support a system they don’t believe in anymore. (28 minutes)

• There is something wrong with the mentality of people who disfigure and mutilate their bodies for “decoration” or as supposed “art.” We are supposed to be the inheritors of the unbroken aesthetic of classical Greece, in which the healthy — and unaltered — human form is the ideal. Now we have embraced an aesthetic of deformation and ugliness. (34 minutes)

• Why do taxpayers need to fund a federal “Price Protection Team” with thousands of billions of dollars to prop up the stock market, when said market would naturally fall like a rock in a truly free system? Who owns the securities, and controls the proxies, that are purchased with all this stolen money? And where is the authorization for this kind of illegal nonsense in the Constitution? (39 minutes)

• If our immigration laws were enforced — and if we re-instituted race-based citizenship like we had for almost all of our nation’s history — the unemployment problem would disappear overnight. (49 minutes)

• Did you ever notice that members of the elite almost never get tattoos or piercings? Are these markings really a way of encouraging the worker-slaves to “brand” themselves as being part of the lower classes? Perhaps such disfigurement is also encouraged as a way for self-hating young White people to reject and obscure their Whiteness. (1 hour 8 minutes)

• How many retirees know that the criminals in Congress have raided all the money in the so-called “Social Security Trust Fund” and replaced it with worthless zero-yield IOUs? (2 hours 34 minutes)

• With the regime in Washington doing very little that is not flagrantly illegal, murderous, and treasonous, it’s long past time to start over again from zero. (2 hours 39 minutes)

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Listen: Liberty Net 3/16