Liberty Net: March 23, 2013

Liberty Net - McMurdo-Silverby Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

AS THE SNOW starts to melt and the static levels rise, it’s a good time to upgrade your antenna and your signal on the always very competitive 75 meter band. Remember, a high and clear antenna is much more important than the amount of power you run. Put up that full size antenna, and get it up fifty feet or more and in the clear! When you check into the Liberty Net with a “killer” signal, all the net participants will thank you.

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Here’s a small selection of the topics that were brought up for debate during this week’s Liberty Net:

• Once again, it was Russia trying to prevent the bankers and their governments from stealing the money of bank depositors, this time in Cyprus. The conflict between Russia and the criminal oligarchs is worldwide in scope and goes far beyond Cyprus. Expect more anti-Russian propaganda from Fox News and the other oligarch-controlled media outlets. Ultimately, the American saps may be ordered to bomb and murder innocent Russians. Let’s hope they wise up before that happens. (11 minutes)

• Why is the regime in Washington trying to monopolize the purchase of ammunition, to the point where individuals are finding the store shelves bare? What do the regime’s agencies — even ones not normally involved in arms at all — intend to do with literally billions of rounds each? (18 minutes)

• It may be a sad fact, but it is nevertheless a fact that there is now no conceivable way that he ballot box can restore our freedom and self-determination. Instead of “voting,” civil disobedience, resistance, refusal, and secession need to become our watchwords. (42 minutes)

• The thieving bankers — and the politicians they own — are even now working on means to simply out-and-out steal any money you have in your bank accounts. Keep your eyes open: In some cases, as in Cyprus, they will just seize some percentage of your money; in others, they will say they are “converting depositors into shareholders.” In either case they will end up taking your savings away from you. (49 minutes)

• Given the fractional reserve banking system, it is a mathematical certainty that the banking sector will eventually absorb all the wealth produced by the community, and thereby control both governments and individuals. Only by totally overthrowing that system can we ever regain self-government and freedom again. (1 hour 4 minutes)

• In the state of Vermont, the control freaks have passed a pretended law requiring that anyone selling gold or silver be identified, photographed, and fingerprinted. This illegal legislation is an affront to financial privacy — which should be absolute. (1 hour 10 minutes)

• The Republican National Committee is viciously attacking Republicans who refuse to support their deceptively-named push for “comprehensive immigration reform,” a better name for which would be “invasion legalization.” (1 hour 19 minutes)

• The producer of the television program “Cops” has admitted that he deliberately downplays Black and Mestizo crime, making sure that 60 per cent. of the violent criminals shown on his show are White — even though in reality the vast majority are non-White. (1 hour 21 minutes)

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Listen: Liberty Net 3/23″]