Liberty Net: April 12, 2014


by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

HEAVY STATIC and poor propagation were challenging to all Liberty Net participants this week, but that didn’t stop us from challenging the apathy and ignorance of the majority as strongly as ever.

Listen: Liberty Net 4/12

Here are just a few of the topics brought to light during the net this week:

• As America is purposely being morphed into a Third World nation, our infrastructure is gradually falling apart: maintenance becomes both less frequent and less competent. Two places where this really shows are the old copper landline system and the power grid. (3 minutes)

• If the last two weeks are any indication, this is going to be a high-static (and high thunderstorm count) season on 75 meters — so invest in a kilowatt amplifier and a high, efficient, in-the-clear antenna. (12 minutes)

• New nutrition requirements in the public boob-hatcheries force children to take extra lunch items they don’t want in order to get the items they do want. Most of these items end up in the trash — to the tune of $100,000 a day in the Los Angeles school district alone. (15 minutes)

• Snapchat, Wickr, and Frankly are new Internet chat applications that do not archive anything you say and thereby enhance privacy. A few seconds after your message is read, it disappears forever. (25 minutes)

• The “Heartbleed” vulnerability in SSL goes back to a faulty software patch for the program two years ago. The NSA was aware of the problem, but instead of alerting the programmers in charge, they let the vulnerability stay for their own nefarious purposes. In time, hackers discovered it too, with disastrous results. (40 minutes)

• With analogue television, more stations and more programming could be received at many locations than with the new digital format. The programming was just as full of garbage and propaganda, but at least you could do more DXing! (48 minutes)

• If you love your children, please seriously consider not sending them to the utterly corrupt and propagandized public schools. (1 hour 12 minutes)

• Instead of spending billions on subsidizing the reproduction of the least fit in this country, why not help propagate the genes of the most fit, and learn how to defeat the aging process? (1 hour 19 minutes)

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Listen: Liberty Net 4/12