Liberty Net: July 12, 2014


by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

IN A WORLD filled with crises, looming genocide, misrule by the super-wealthy oligarchs, and a rising nationalist movement for self-determination, it’s quite astounding that anyone can be interested in professional ball teams. For those who are truly engaged with world events, the Liberty Net is an oasis of thought and ideas in a world of lying propaganda and meaningless entertainment.

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Here is my selection of the issues brought up during this week’s session:

• The level of conformity and ignorance has reached such heights in this country that a Liberty Net participant was charged with “harassment” because he walked through his neighborhood listening to a portable shortwave radio looking for an interference source. (24 minutes)

• The entire concept of “preventive law” — having to ask permission of a commissar or commission or bureaucrat before engaging in an ordinary business or other activity — is repugnant to free people. (27 minutes)

• In Connecticut, huge numbers of gun owners have simply refused to comply with blatantly unconstitutional gun laws. The NRA refuses to help those who have been prosecuted — but Gun Owners of America (GOA) has. (31 minutes)

• First they said that segregation laws were the problem, so they were abolished — then, when that didn’t work, they said that White people just not wanting to do business or associate with non-Whites was the real problem, so they passed forced association (“civil rights” and “affirmative action”) laws — and, since that didn’t work either, now we have perhaps the most insidious idea of all, which is being taught to our children in school right now, that “White privilege” is an “evil” that must be abolished. (38 minutes)

• The concept of “White privilege” is an outgrowth of Jewish-created “White studies” college curricula. “Black studies” focus on Black history and achievements — but “White studies” are entirely focused on demonizing Whites and promoting the genocide of Whites through mixing. (43 minutes)

• The oligarchs’ talking heads on the sports channels are “deeply concerned” because baseball and hockey are “too White.” The conservative response that “merit, not race, should be the only criterion” is misguided. The correct response is that each race should have its own societies and its own sports teams. (59 minutes)

• Many doctors today wish they had never begun their practices because they feel that the government controls their every move. They are unable to give their treatments of choice — what they truly believe is best — to their patients. Control of “dangerous drugs” and proscription of “unapproved” therapies are the excuses. (1 hour 13 minutes)

• If Fetchit and Holder and their employers are not arrested for their multiple outrageous and obvious crimes, then no one should be arrested ever. (1 hour 28 minutes)

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