Liberty Net: July 5, 2014


by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

THE HUGE ELEPHANT in the room that “polite” conservatives and liberals in Western nations are not supposed to notice is mass immigration and the looming extinction of the White race. And that’s not the only “taboo” — but very important — topic that Liberty Net participants are unafraid to discuss. Check in and add your voice this week!

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Here is my selection from the ideas discussed this week during the latest meeting of the Liberty Net:

• The same politicians who complain the loudest of the “greedy rich” (in order to get the votes of the ignorant) raise funds with $35,000-a-plate dinners. I assure you, the “greedy rich” (the ones who want political favors) are the only ones who attend. (4 minutes)

• In Thailand, criticizing the military government, wearing the wrong t-shirt, or reading Orwell’s 1984 can get you thrown into an “attitude adjustment” camp. The detainees’ relatives are not even told where their family members are being held. (11 minutes)

• Two large billboards have recently been erected along major US highways with a message denouncing the White genocide now going on in this country. (15 minutes)

• Why is it considered “immoral” for White people to oppose massive immigration and demographic change, but perfectly okay for Africans or Asians or others to do the same? Why is saying “Black countries for Black people” or “Asian countries for Asian people” all right, but saying “White countries for White people” is somehow “wrong”? (16 minutes)

• A quick look at the social networks shows that there is an increasing polarization among young people in Europe and America. Some, tragically, have internalized the Cultural Marxist memes of White guilt, “gender” ambiguity, and fanatical support of homosexuality and racial mixing. On the other hand, a growing number of independent-minded young people are becoming radical racial-nationalists — leading to a huge growth in nationalist parties, Zentropista and Generation Identitaire movements, and in those practicing traditionalist lifestyles and religions. (23 minutes)

• Could the recent blocking of a government bus full of illegal immigrants in northern California by outraged Americans be a harbinger of a larger revolution to come? (34 minutes)

• Since the Washington regime intentionally refuses to do anything, a spontaneously-formed group of American patriots is organizing nationwide to man the border in southern Texas and prevent the invaders from coming in. (38 minutes)

• Japanese scientists have now confirmed that there are racial differences in the sensitivity of the human ear to different audio frequencies. American scientists had earlier discovered racial differences in reactions to, and efficacy of, various medications. (48 minutes)

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