Liberty Net: February 14, 2015

Liberty-Net---power-switchby Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

IF YOU don’t use your freedom of speech — and listen to others who are doing the same (and no, I don’t mean the Zionist/corporate media) — you may soon lose that freedom.

Listen: Liberty Net 2/14

Here’s my selection from, and commentary on, some of the ideas and concepts brought forth on the Liberty Net this week:

• For some reason or other, Fetchit’s wedding ring always seems to be “sent out for repair” during Ramadan, when observant Muslims are forbidden to wear jewelry. (8 minutes)

• H1B visas were supposedly intended to only be used when no American was available to do a particular job. But Southern California Edison doesn’t agree with that — they brought in a passel of Indians and fired their American workers. (10 minutes)

• The lack of protection for our borders — and the pursuit of out-and-out genocidal anti-White policies — from the regime in Washington can only be described by one word: treason. (25 minutes)

• The criminal “IRS” is now claiming that taxes are owed even if US expatriates have no US-sourced income whatever, and taxes are already being paid in a foreign jurisdiction. One thing worth remembering: All, and I mean all, income tax receipts are now used to pay interest to bankers on funds that the bankers created out of nothing. (29 minutes)

• More and more people every year are renouncing their American citizenship: some for financial freedom and privacy-related reasons, some for moral reasons, and some for both. (33 minutes)

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Listen: Liberty Net 2/14