Liberty Net: March 12, 2016

Liberty-Net---crowd-and-microphoneby Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

REPAIR of my station this week caused this article to be late this week, and for that I apologize. Activity on the Liberty Net (and associated Survival Net) is at a high level, with many new stations contributing for the first time ever. Welcome to all new check-ins!

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Here’s a short selection of just a few of the ideas from this week’s net session, along with my commentary:

• As the hysterical reaction against Trump shows us, nearly all Republican office-holders are RINOs (“Republicans in Name Only”). So perhaps there is no such thing as a “true Republican” after all. (23 minutes)

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Liberty Net: April 4, 2015

Liberty-Net---mixing-consoleby Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

THERE’S NO DOUBT about it: The Liberty Net is one of the few places anywhere on the airwaves where you can get refreshing, open, and incisive discussion of issues and events — sans the usual taboos and political correctness imposed by the ethnically distinct billionaires who own and control the major media.

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Here’s my small selection from, and commentary about, some of the discussions taking place on the net this week:

• A new telephone scam is making the rounds — the victims, many of them older, are called and told the call is from the IRS and that they can pay off their “tax debt” right now by using a debit or credit card over the phone. As bad as it is, the scale of these scammers is nothing compared to that of QVC and the Home Shopping Network, who tailor their pitches to the lonely and elderly by presenting their salespeople as substitute “friends.” (15 minutes)

• It’s good to see growing anti-Islamic-invasion movements developing all over the White world. But it’s disappointing when some of these organizations fail to note the central Jewish role in opening the gates to Muslims. (20 minutes)

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Liberty Net: March 28, 2015

dancing_knobsby Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

WITH DIANNE FEINSTEIN threatening to criminalize the reading or downloading of “unapproved” information on the Internet, it’s good for all of us to cultivate alternative means of communication — among which we amateurs should definitely count the Liberty Net.

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Here’s a small selection from, and commentary about, some of the discussions taking place this week:

• Was there a Muslim or Jewish connection to the intentional airliner crash by Lubitz? The claims of a Muslim connection are based on the speculations of a single Internet commenter. Lubitz is a common Jewish name in the area where he lives. But there seems to be no political motivation here. A romantic breakup coupled with perverse and unfocused hatred (against Gentiles in general?) seem to be the main culprits. (5 minutes)

• Duck Duck Go has awarded $100,000 in prizes for the four best privacy-enhancing software for this year: 1) EFF Privacy Badger browser addon; 2) GPG Tools Privacy Suite; 3) Freedom of the Press Foundation’s Secure Drop; and 4) Riseup’s Tails operating system. (10 minutes)

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Liberty Net: March 21, 2015

Liberty-Net---radio-towerby Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

A FALLING tree limb knocked out N2IRJ’s beverage receiving antenna for a few hours last Saturday, but the high sensitivity of Marty’s Flex 5000A made reception possible nevertheless (though signals were mostly below the AGC threshold). This is the sort of thing that happens from time to time to all stations, and it’s a good argument for having a backup for every single function at your station.

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Here’s my selection from, and commentary on, some of the topics discussed on the net this week:

• There is a new top level domain name series (as in “dot com” and “dot net”) available for purchase — but this one is “dot sucks”. If you are willing to part with as much as $2500, you too can take a crude cheap shot at someone or something you don’t like. (13 minutes)

• House Speaker John Boehner is taking a trip to Israel, where all of his true loyalties evidently lie. Millions of Americans hope he stays there. (24 minutes)

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Liberty Net: March 14, 2015

Liberty-Net---R390A-Collinsby Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

COURTESY HELPS everyone on our crowded amateur radio bands get along better. One of the most courteous operators on the 75 meter band is the Net Control Station of the Midweek Liberty Net and the Survival Net: Jim, AB3RA. Often, when the preferred net frequency of 3995 kHz (or a very nearby frequency) is in use before net time, Jim will break in to inform the other operators of the net schedule, and at the same time offer to move the net if necessary to avoid interference. The courtesy Jim offers is sincere and almost always results in cooperation that totally avoids interference. What a breath of fresh air!

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Here’s a small selection from, and commentary on, some of the topics brought up on the net this week:

• We know that the unemployment figures are jiggered to make things looks better than they are — but even the official figures show that we’ve reached a new ten-month high. (22 minutes)

• The regime’s debt level of over $18 trillion — caused by the fraudulent fractional reserve banking system — is totally unsustainable. The only two options are repudiation or eternal slavery to the bankers. (35 minutes)

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Liberty Net: March 7, 2015

Liberty-Net---Drake-SPR-4by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

ONE IMPORTANT THING to consider when building an antenna system for 75 meters is efficiency. For inverted L or vertical antennas, an elevated radial system works best. Avoid commercially-made under-40-foot verticals; they’re very inefficient and produce weak signals. Make a wire vertical at least 60 feet in length, and elevate the feedpoint and radials 7 feet or more above the ground. At that height, even two radials give reasonable efficiency. Inverted Ls at about 150 feet in length and with elevated radials work well too (on both 75 and 160 meters), but require a simple matching network at the base. Dipoles and inverted Vs are efficient and effective too, but should be in the clear and have their centers at 45 feet or higher.

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Here’s a selection from, and commentary on, some of the concepts discussed during the Liberty Net this week:

• Another bank ripoff — and invasion of our privacy: Chase Bank now refuses to accept cash for deposit in relatives’ or family members’ accounts — you must use a check or money order only. (18 minutes)

• If we’re going to be forced to accept “homosexual marriage,” how long before we are also forced to accept plural marriage, or marriage to animals or objects? One you abandon Nature as your guide, there is no limit to the sickness. (36 minutes)

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Liberty Net: February 28, 2015

Liberty-Net---Zenith-Transoceanicby Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

EVEN THOUGH we’re near the peak of the sunspot cycle, propagation has been acting more like we’re at the bottom. (Some scientists think the low sunspot numbers presage a cooling trend of many years’ duration.) Luckily, this hasn’t seemed to impact Liberty Net or other 75 meter operations, and signals are great this season — and static is low, too. So join in on the exchange of ideas on the Liberty Net this week!

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Here’s my selection from, and commentary on, some of the ideas and concepts discussed the Liberty Net this session:

• The debt of the heavily Third World city of Chicago has now been downgraded to one step above junk status. (7 minutes)

• Fetchit caved in to Jewish pressure and decided to send a representative to meet with war criminal and mass murderer Benjamin Netanyahu when he came to Washington to try to stir up a war between the US and Iran. (10 minutes)

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Liberty Net: February 21, 2015

Liberty-Net---portable-shortwave-radioby Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

IT’S KNOWN that an antenna system excited with RF energy produces both an electric field and a magnetic field, which combine to form an electromagnetic wave. But it’s possible that, when the RF energy is communicating real independent thought, that something akin to an intelligence field is present — and detectable anywhere the wave propagates.

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Here’s my selection from, and commentary about, some of the ideas and concepts brought forth on the Liberty Net this time:

• Rudy Giuliani has been saying a lot of things that Americans want to hear these days. But beware: Giuliani has been working for years for a militant, violent Muslim terror group called the MEK, which was trained by Israel’s Mossad in the art of assassination. Giuliani himself has also been a long-term asset of Israel. (15 minutes)

• Jim, AB3RA, a Liberty Net participant and Net Control Station –who for years was helping his alma mater, Northwestern University, by interviewing prospective students — has now disassociated himself from the school. He refuses to help them so long as they give professorships to domestic terrorists like Bernadine Dohrn, and deny seats on the student government to students who are “too White and too straight.” (19 minutes)

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Liberty Net: February 14, 2015

Liberty-Net---power-switchby Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

IF YOU don’t use your freedom of speech — and listen to others who are doing the same (and no, I don’t mean the Zionist/corporate media) — you may soon lose that freedom.

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Here’s my selection from, and commentary on, some of the ideas and concepts brought forth on the Liberty Net this week:

• For some reason or other, Fetchit’s wedding ring always seems to be “sent out for repair” during Ramadan, when observant Muslims are forbidden to wear jewelry. (8 minutes)

• H1B visas were supposedly intended to only be used when no American was available to do a particular job. But Southern California Edison doesn’t agree with that — they brought in a passel of Indians and fired their American workers. (10 minutes)

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Liberty Net: February 7, 2015

Liberty-Net---waveformby Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

A THICK MANTLE of snow has covered our roads and our cars, inhibiting travel — but it can’t stop the radio waves from travelling, and bouncing off the Kennelly-Heaviside Layer, enabling the most exciting discussion net on HF radio: the Liberty Net, on the air since 1974.

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Here’s my selection from, and commentary on, some of the ideas and concepts brought forth on the Liberty Net this week:

• The West’s current subservience to — and obsession with engaging in wars and “interventions” on behalf of — Jewish oligarchs can aptly be described as “cutting off our own head.” Our own native ruling class, with all its faults, was at least ours. It has now been replaced by Zionists and the Zionists’ employees. (11 minutes)

• Why would Zionist oligarchs be in favor — as they clearly are — of importing millions of Muslims into the West? Three reasons: 1) In the long term, to destroy Western society and especially its founding race through genetic and cultural mixing; and 2) in the short term, to create domestic conflicts with imported Muslims which will make the populace hate Muslims and therefore sympathetic to the Jews’ wars against Muslim nations in the Middle East; and 3) in the medium term, to create a reservoir of radical Muslims not under the control of the relatively civilized Muslim nations, who can then, with the help of the CIA, Mossad, and other intelligence agencies, be used to foment chaos and regime change. (14 minutes)

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