Liberty Net: January 2, 2016

Liberty-Net---power-tetrodeby Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

AS 2016 BEGINS, our civilization faces an existential crisis. May our people awaken to their peril and begin to think in terms of biological, racial survival above all other things. Nothing else can save us. And may the Liberty Net be a vehicle for spreading higher consciousness.

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Here’s my digest of and commentary on some of the subjects discussed on the net this time:

• If you want to be aware of what’s going on in the world, turn off your television set and start reading the international and alternative media. Here’s a place to start: (16 minutes)

• The “huddled masses” and “wretched refuse” lines which deface the Statue of Liberty were not a part of the original art work given as a gift — to symbolize freedom — from the people of France to the closely related people of the United States. Those lines were added by a subversive Jew who wanted to destroy the European racial character of the United States. The statue was not, is not, and was never intended to be a symbol of immigration — and certainly not immigration of non-Whites, which is what it has been twisted into today. (19 minutes)

• The move to diminish or abolish the use of cash is very ominous. If you depend on bank celluloid and bank deposits as your only method of payment, then you can be instantly cut off from the necessities of life by the bankers and the government they own whenever they decide to do so. Time to return to absolute, 100 per cent. financial privacy and independence for citizens, plus 100 per cent. transparency and disclosure from government and corporations, and the total abolition of fractional reserve banking. (26 minutes)

• The popularity of gun shows is encouraging, but the fact that invaders and Third Worlders are also allowed to arm themselves there is not a good thing, despite what the kept right tells us. (50 minutes)

• Donald Trump voices a lot of concerns that most politicians are trained to ignore — and that makes millions of people cheer. But why the Hell would Trump call for the execution of whistleblower hero Edward Snowden? I suppose it comes down to whether you believe that regime in Washington can ever be reformed (in which case you might imagine that its “security laws” are still valid and ought to be enforced) — or if you have awakened to the fact that the regime is not only illegal, but is the enemy of the American people, and therefore none of its commands can be legal in any sense until the legitimate government of the United States is restored. (1 hour 8 minutes)

• Chicago is the murder capital of the United States, with 483 (admitted) killings in last year alone — almost all of them by Blacks — much more than one a day. The answer of our “leaders” to this problem is to “tighten up on gun control.” What a joke. Virtually none of the guns used in these killings (and not every killer uses a gun, by the way) were legally obtained anyway. (1 hour 16 minutes)

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