Liberty Net: June 25, 2011

by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

IONOSPHERIC CONDITIONS were good — and jamming was nonexistent — as the most historic net in amateur radio, the Liberty Net, continued to impress with its intelligent ideas and debate from stations around the continent.

[wpaudio url=”,%20Saturday%20%20%204h%2031m%2000s%20%20%20Start%203980%20%20End%203980%20kHz%20%20%20Source%20%20N2IRJ.mp3″ text=”Listen: Liberty Net 6/25″]

Here are a just few examples of this week’s interesting discussions:

• It is outrageous for the Obamas to laud and to receive a personally-signed book from Nelson Mandela — a man who was responsible for “necklacing” his political opponents, which involved tying them up, placing a gasoline-soaked tire around each of their necks and then setting them on fire, causing an extremely painful and prolonged death. (11 minutes)

• It is doubly outrageous that Obama would equate Mandela with Gandhi — his polar opposite. Gandhi was a peaceful man, a racial nationalist, and a racial separatist. (15 minutes)

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Liberty Net for Week of March 6-13

by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

IONOSPHERIC propagation was much better for this week’s Liberty Net — the sunspot numbers are inching up into a more reasonable range — and the discussions were intense and the personal stories gripping.

You can listen online or download the recording right here at by clicking the link below.

Listen to or download this week’s Liberty Net”]

Here are just a few examples of what was covered during the Net this week:

• An Oregon man who imports “Airsoft” plastic-BB toy guns found himself attacked — and his business ruined — by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (BATF), which made the totally absurd claim that the toys “could be modified” into fully automatic machine guns and that they were “a terrorist threat” to “national security.” (22 minutes)

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