Liberty Net: April 20, 2013

Liberty Net - there is an alternative

by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

THIS WEEK SAW the addition of a new session of the Liberty Net — Wednesdays at 9 PM Eastern Time — so the net is now twice weekly instead of weekly. If you’re one of those folks who is free on weeknights but not on Saturdays, or if you’re just someone with a lot to say, check in to our new Wednesday night get-together and prepare for the very best kind of challenging learning — and fun.

Liberty Net – 2013-0420″]

Midweek Liberty Net – 2013-0424″]

Here’s just a small sample of the ideas brought up for discussion on the Liberty Net this week:

• When the controlled media talking heads say that they “can’t figure out the motive” for the Boston bombings, it staggers the imagination. They must be living in a parallel universe — one where American military aggression and American support for Israeli aggression isn’t enraging Muslims worldwide. (7 minutes)

• If we must have immigrants — a questionable proposition — why not carefully select the countries from which they come? Pick countries of high quality, and with populations that match ours genetically — and almost all immigration-related problems will disappear. (20 minutes)

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Liberty Net: April 13, 2013

Liberty Net - radio at its best

by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

IF YOU THINK that American politics and foreign policy are as they appear on the billionaires’ media, you’re woefully misinformed. Tune into overseas voices from countries that the Murdochs and the Sulzbergers hate, and alternative voices like the Liberty Net and other free media, and you’ll begin to see the way the world really is.

Listen: Liberty Net 4/13″]

Here’s a selection from the ideas discussed this week on the Liberty Net:

• With the American economy deep in the toilet, why is the stock market up? The insane flooding of this country with inflated dollars is the reason, but it doesn’t represent real value, and cannot be sustained. (15 minutes)

• Why are the well-connected and largely ethnically distinct New York elite allowed to make billions on other people’s tragedies by short-selling stocks they don’t own and haven’t even borrowed, in some cases selling more shares than even exist? (18 minutes)

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Liberty Net: April 6, 2013

Liberty Net - uncensored social network

by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

BEING ALIVE in these times is an extraordinary gift; the ability to learn from and communicate with creative, intelligent, and insightful people is almost unlimited. One of the pioneers in electronic social networking is amateur radio’s Liberty Net, sharing ideas and uncensored information over the airwaves since 1974.

Listen: Liberty Net 4/6″]

Here’s a selection from the issues brought up this time on the Liberty Net:

• The fact that you can now be charged with a crime for “failure to buy insurance” is a sure sign that the US Constitution is dead, dead, dead. (2 minutes)

• Since the start of the “war on poverty” a half century ago, 15 trillion dollars have been wasted and the percentage of the poverty-stricken has not changed one iota — and their absolute numbers have increased. What should we learn from this? 1) Some people are genetically less well-endowed than others, and no amount of help or education can change this; and 2) the regime in Washington cannot be trusted in any way. Their agenda was never to help anyone, anyway — it was to enslave and impoverish us. (20 minutes)

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Liberty Net: March 30, 2013

Liberty Net - gold-microphone

by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

DO YOU HAVE an idea that you’d like to share with other intelligent, thoughtful radio amateurs in a free, uncensored setting? Why not check in to the Liberty Net? If you can’t check in because you’re temporarily off the air, send a message to us via the contact form at and we’ll pass it along. On the air since 1974, the Liberty Net is amateur radio’s oldest current events discussion net.

Listen: Liberty Net 3/30″]

Here are just a few selected topics that were brought up for for discussion during this week’s net:

• If you think the Greek and Cypriot economic collapses were grueling, just wait for Spain’s — which is much larger, and imminent. These countries have populations with a high genetic quality, and excellent education systems. So why are they falling apart? It’s because they’ve all been raped by the inherently fraudulent and unsustainable fractional reserve banking system. (7 minutes)

• When one of the billionaires’ mega-corporations like Starbucks or Home Depot supports non-White immigration or state-sanctioned sexual perversion — or some other aspect of the oligarchs’ agenda for our eventual slavery and extinction — it’s still possible to support small businesses instead, and deny the money-men your business. (30 minutes)

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Liberty Net: March 23, 2013

Liberty Net - McMurdo-Silverby Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

AS THE SNOW starts to melt and the static levels rise, it’s a good time to upgrade your antenna and your signal on the always very competitive 75 meter band. Remember, a high and clear antenna is much more important than the amount of power you run. Put up that full size antenna, and get it up fifty feet or more and in the clear! When you check into the Liberty Net with a “killer” signal, all the net participants will thank you.

Listen: Liberty Net 3/23″]

Here’s a small selection of the topics that were brought up for debate during this week’s Liberty Net:

• Once again, it was Russia trying to prevent the bankers and their governments from stealing the money of bank depositors, this time in Cyprus. The conflict between Russia and the criminal oligarchs is worldwide in scope and goes far beyond Cyprus. Expect more anti-Russian propaganda from Fox News and the other oligarch-controlled media outlets. Ultimately, the American saps may be ordered to bomb and murder innocent Russians. Let’s hope they wise up before that happens. (11 minutes)

• Why is the regime in Washington trying to monopolize the purchase of ammunition, to the point where individuals are finding the store shelves bare? What do the regime’s agencies — even ones not normally involved in arms at all — intend to do with literally billions of rounds each? (18 minutes)

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Liberty Net: January 28, 2012

by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

THE LIBERTY NET has been through several transitions, from its early days in the 70s, through the dawning of the Internet and digital recording, and now enhanced through full integration with VoIP and Web 2.0 technology. These additions let amateur operators who are temporarily off the air participate, and the online streaming and archived recordings make the net almost impervious to jamming.

Listen: Liberty Net 1/28″]

Here’s a sample of what you’ll hear on this week’s Liberty Net recording:

• A court in Georgia has ordered the current occupant of the White House to appear and answer questions about his qualifications to serve as President. Obama, however, has brazenly flouted the order, saying through his mouthpiece that he was “terminating his participation in this proceeding.” (23 minutes)

• A textual analysis of the latest State of the Union address indicates that it was written to match an 8th grade level of comprehension. (26 minutes)

• Google’s new “privacy policy” really amounts to a “tracking and spying policy,” and with Google’s history of cooperating with the Beijing and Washington regimes, it gives one pause to consider cancelling all Google and Google-related accounts like Gmail, Blogger, and YouTube. (41 minutes)

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Liberty Net: January 21, 2012

by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

2012 is beginning as a real growth year for the Liberty Net, as the number of check-ins and the length of the weekly sessions keep growing. Always remember that my summaries here can only barely touch on the subject matter brought up — and give only a hint of the honest and heart-felt way it is presented.

Listen: Liberty Net 1/21″]

Here’s a small selection of what you can hear on our latest recording:

• Iceland refused to bail out the banksters and was threatened with severe retaliation. So far, there’s been no severe effect and business is quite good in that plucky, independence-loving nation. (10 minutes)

• The most fraudulent holiday with the phoniest “hero” ever vended to us by the regime has got to be “Martin Luther King Day.” See for more details. (17 minutes)

• The regime is spending $1.6 million to restore six “Chicano murals” in San Diego which promote the takeover of California by Communists and Mestizos. Ostensibly, this project is “enhancing the transportation infrastructure” of the region. (21 minutes)

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Liberty Net: January 14, 2012

by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

IT’S NOT ALWAYS EASY to find a clear frequency for the Liberty Net, but one thing you’ll notice is that our net is one of the very few that does not merely fire up on an accustomed frequency, but instead is frequency-flexible. That means you’ll have to search for us — almost always between 3950 and 3990 kHz LSB — but W1WCR’s signal is strong and distinctive, so we shouldn’t be too hard to find.

Listen: Liberty Net 1/14″]

Here’s a small sample of what you’ll hear on our latest recording:

• Be prepared for even more inflation as the Fed, and the banks that control it, start more “quantitative easing” under the banner of “QE3” — meaning that the oligarchs will get trillions in free money, while the people hold fewer and fewer dollars, each of which is rapidly dropping in value. (14 minutes)

• More and more companies, though nominally “private corporations,” have in reality become creatures of the banks because of the mountains of debt that have been loaded upon them by corporate raiders. (22 minutes)

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Liberty Net: January 7, 2012

by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

SOMETIMES OUR CONVERSATIONS, both on and off amateur radio, seem like a vast wasteland of empty chatter, small talk, and gossip — but that can’t be said of the conversations on the historic Liberty Net. Some of the most aware and articulate people I’ve ever known are regulars there. Taking part in Liberty Net conversations is a direct connection to bright minds and new perspectives — perspectives that often are suppressed or vilified by the billionaires’ media.

Listen: Liberty Net 1/7″]

Here’s a small sample of what you’ll hear on our latest recording:

• The protests aren’t just on Wall Street: In Israel — on Rothschild Boulevard, no less — one of the protestors against the financial oligarchs, many of whom have connections to that country, actually erected a guillotine. (18 minutes)

• Only 13 senators had the courage to vote against the outrageously illegal so-called “National Defense Authorization Act” (NDAA), which strips us of our most fundamental constitutional rights. There is a patriotic movement afoot to have the 86 who voted for it removed from office. (22 minutes)

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Liberty Net: December 31, 2011

by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

JUST ONE OF THE AMAZING things you’ll hear on this week’s Liberty Net recording is the live transmission of automatic weapons and shotguns being fired in a Detroit neighborhood at midnight on New Year’s eve.

Listen: Liberty Net 12/31″]

The initial launch of our own live chat and audio feed was a success and we continue the experiment this week. While we experiment with this new feed and chat, we will not be using the old Stickam page. If you can’t check in over the air, please use our new live feed at:

The discussions and debates promise to be as intense as ever as we celebrate the 38th anniversary of our historic net. Here’s a small sample of what you’ll hear on the latest recording:

• As trillions of computer-generated “dollars” are being illegally created out of nothing to prop up failing foreign banks in the EU, some European countries are preparing for the possible implosion and abandonment of the Euro: Germany has now joined the club and started to print Deutschmarks again, though they haven’t been issued yet. (49 minutes)

• More than 70,000 people have dropped GoDaddy as their domain and Web hosting provider because that company supports the government’s misnamed SOPA (“Stop Online Piracy Act”) and PIPA (“Protect Intellectual Property Act”), which are just censorship power grabs under innocent-sounding names. (53 minutes)

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