Liberty Net: April 27, 2013

Liberty Net - your turn shure-55

by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

THE NEW Midweek Liberty Net, after only two sessions — Wednesdays at 9PM Eastern — is attracting enough participants to almost equal our Saturday session in terms of length — over four hours of conversations last time!

Midweek Liberty Net - 2013-0501
Liberty Net - 2013-0427

Here are some of the ideas brought up for debate on the Liberty Net this week:

• If the intelligence agencies can bring a city to its knees — and get almost any new nationwide “security” laws they want — just by deploying a couple of patsies with backpacks, just imagine what they could do with a bigger operation. (13 minutes)

• The recent media-fueled rehabilitation of the reputation of mass murderer and traitor George W. Bush is reprehensible and disgusting. (34 minutes)

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