Liberty Net: October 8, 2011

by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

ONE THING TO CONSIDER when checking in to the Liberty Net is the efficiency of your transmitting antenna. Commercial antenna solutions are usually inferior to home made wire antennas on 75 meters, and tall trees are your friend. Full size (even if the ends have to hang down vertically) dipoles and inverted vees, preferably 50 to 80 feet up at the feedpoint, do well, as do full size verticals or inverted Ls with elevated counterpoises or extensive radial systems.

This week we also welcomed Marty, N2IRJ back to the net after a too-long absence!

Listen: Liberty Net 10/8″]

Here are some of the ideas discussed this time on amateur radio’s longest-running and most exciting discussion net:

• Why has the CBS reporter who was the leading journalist covering the “Operation Fast and Furious” scandal suddenly been taken off the air and declared “unavailable” by her network bosses? (23 minutes)

• Why do the old media go out of their way, when describing flash mob attacks by Blacks on Whites, to avoid mentioning race — instead using such weasel words as “teenagers,” “youths,” and the like? (32 minutes)

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