Liberty Net: September 1, 2012

by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

THE NEXT BEST thing to talking face to face with another man or woman with ideas is to join in on the direct, uncensored, and free-spirited discussions on the Liberty Net, amateur radio’s longest-running current events discussion net, on the air since 1974. The agendas of the money-men are exposed there, and those who initially come without understanding usually grow and learn as they share.

Listen: Liberty Net 9/1″]

Here’s a very small fraction of the ideas discussed and debated during the Liberty Net this week:

• How can the Republicans and Democrats pretend to be “investor-friendly” when neither one of them has called for prosecuting obvious Wall Street crooks and financier con men like John Corzine? — when, instead, they literally give them billions of taxpayer dollars? (20 minutes)

• As bad as the criminal politicians and their oligarch bosses are, they probably couldn’t get away with their scams and crimes if the American people weren’t so corrupt themselves, so willing to drink at the well of stolen wealth, and so terminally dull. (39 minutes)

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Liberty Net: May 26, 2012

by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

THERE WERE A FEW feeble attempts to jam the Liberty Net in the last few weeks, but they were almost totally ineffective. It’s rather hard to wipe out a net that uses multiple antenna sites and multiple Internet audio streams — streams on which, by the way, several participants are streamed direct from their microphones to your speakers, making jamming impossible. The Internet adjuncts to the Liberty Net have also helped us zero in on jammers and silence them simply by determining their locations.

Listen: Liberty Net 5/26″]

Here are some of the ideas brought forth during this week’s session:

• The Secretary of State of Arizona recently requested a birth certificate from Hawaii for the billionaires’ figurehead “Barack Hussein Obama.” The result? Now there is yet a third suspicious and contradictory document to supplement the existing obvious forgeries. This time, there’s not even a pretense of it being an actual birth certificate — it’s simply a letter from an obscure official. (12 minutes)

• Why do European-Americans hate themselves so much that they willingly facilitate their own extinction? It has gone so far that Whites with no — or an undetectable trace of — Amerindian ancestry are claiming to be “Indians.” (26 minutes)

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