Liberty Net: May 26, 2012

by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

THERE WERE A FEW feeble attempts to jam the Liberty Net in the last few weeks, but they were almost totally ineffective. It’s rather hard to wipe out a net that uses multiple antenna sites and multiple Internet audio streams — streams on which, by the way, several participants are streamed direct from their microphones to your speakers, making jamming impossible. The Internet adjuncts to the Liberty Net have also helped us zero in on jammers and silence them simply by determining their locations.

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Here are some of the ideas brought forth during this week’s session:

• The Secretary of State of Arizona recently requested a birth certificate from Hawaii for the billionaires’ figurehead “Barack Hussein Obama.” The result? Now there is yet a third suspicious and contradictory document to supplement the existing obvious forgeries. This time, there’s not even a pretense of it being an actual birth certificate — it’s simply a letter from an obscure official. (12 minutes)

• Why do European-Americans hate themselves so much that they willingly facilitate their own extinction? It has gone so far that Whites with no — or an undetectable trace of — Amerindian ancestry are claiming to be “Indians.” (26 minutes)

• What is the meaning of Russia’s move to establish “international rules” for “cyberspace behavior”? Are such rules intended to control the individual’s access to information, as in China? Or is Putin being used by the corporations to implement something like SOPA without needing Congressional approval? Or is this Putin’s attempt to limit the power of billionaires like George Soros and his ilk, whose phony “color revolutions” utilize social media, leveraged by huge money inflows and intelligence agency disinformation and dirty tricks? (38 minutes)

• The cable giant Comcast has applied for a patent on a device that will force you to watch commercials when you attempt to skip them using your DVR. (44 minutes)

• The race and culture that gave us the Green Party has now given us the Pirate Party — now officially recognized both as a political party (with seats in the European Parliament) and as a religion — which takes a principled, radical stand for total Internet freedom. Some have even suggested a new Internet be established totally outside the clutches of governments and corporations. (50 minutes)

• The billionaires’ media often have explicit policies forbidding reporters from mentioning the racial backgrounds of attackers and victims in cases of non-White crime against White people. But in the extremely rare cases when the races are reversed, the races are not only mentioned — they are emphasized nearly to the point of hysteria. The goal: genocide of Whites. (1 hour 6 minutes)

• Revolution is coming; count on it. Would you rather have it be violent, like the one our rulers in Washington are preparing for with their construction of gigantic internment camps and their mass purchases of ammunition and caskets? — or would you rather have a peaceful one like Iceland’s, where the people exercised their will before it was too late and simply refused to pay the bankers? (1 hour 20 minutes)

• When “peace broke out” after the fall of the Soviet Union, the military-industrial-banking complex was in a state of terror because we might have had to stop spending so much money on killing. You see, we didn’t have an enemy anymore. Into that vacuum, Zionist manipulators injected the phony “terror threat” and brought about our endless wars supporting Israeli hegemony in the Middle East. (1 hour 26 minutes)

The Liberty Net is a gathering that includes thoughtful, philosophical minds and well-informed sources every week, and any amateur operator can join in the discussion and debate. A big “thank you” to W1WCR for his hard work which makes the Liberty Net  possible. You can download an mp3 recording of the Net right here at and listen in your gym, or on your way to work, or anywhere you choose.

Listen: Liberty Net 5/26″]