Liberty Net: August 27, 2011

by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

THE ARRIVAL OF HURRICANE Irene didn’t dampen the spirits of Liberty Net participants this week, and, surprisingly, the noise level was very low. I’d say that the conversations and debates were even more intense than the storm system that was swirling all around.

Listen: Liberty Net 8/27

Here are some samples of the topics discussed this time on amateur radio’s most exciting net:

• The FCC just recently withdrew its so-called Fairness Doctrine regulations, even though they were ruled unconstitutional about 25 years ago. Does the withdrawal set the stage for new regulations along the same lines? (20 minutes)

• Why has a new law been passed making it a federal crime for anyone who participated in the murder of Osama bin Laden to speak about it? And how dare they pretend that such an ex post facto law could possibly be constitutional? (25 minutes)

• It’s insane to keep voting for the two major parties, which are owned by the same oligarchs — and expect results that are any less disastrous than, or even noticeably different from, what we have now. (44 minutes)

• Isn’t it interesting that an elderly physician who is the very opposite of slick — Ron Paul — is beating almost all of the expensively coiffed and scripted bankers’ candidates? (51 minutes)

• Toppling Saddam Hussein — for ostensible reasons that can only be described as hallucinatory, and real reasons that can only be described as Zionist — was one of the worst foreign policy disasters in America’s history. (1 hour 5 minutes)

• Not only are the bankers snapping up US real estate at fire sale prices, but so are foreign governments, especially China’s. The Chinese long-term stealth strategy is to create their own municipalities with their own laws within the borders of the former United States. (1 hour 18 minutes)

• School districts, according to a new edict from Washington, must achieve a 90% attendance level, so some of them have started literally paying cash rewards to Black students just for showing up. The more violent Blacks are also paid to attend “anger management” classes. (1 hour 37 minutes)

• By serving the “manifest destiny” of the state of Israel, America has almost totally destroyed the once-impressive wealth, heritage, and destiny of its own people. (2 hours 20 minutes)

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Once again, thanks to W1WCR and all participants for making this extraordinary net possible — and please check in!

Listen: Liberty Net 8/27