Liberty Net: March 3, 2012

by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

N2IRJ’s phone patch was temporarily down this week because of technical issues with Marty’s transceiver — we hope that these problems will soon be resolved — yet participation and exchange of ideas continued on the Liberty Net at a very high level nonetheless. This week also saw some major solar activity, so the next net might feature some interesting 75 meter propagation.

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Here are just a few of the ideas discussed and debated during this week’s session:

• Russia is positioning itself to prevent the plans of the warmongering oligarchs to start wars in Syria and Iran from coming to fruition. Most recently, Moscow has been helping both countries improve their abilities to detect and defend against attacks. (10 minutes)

• If the regime in Washington were really serious about preventing terror attacks by Muslims, it would end, and then reverse, all Middle Eastern immigration — and would also stop murdering innocent Muslims overseas in its wars for Israel. (13 minutes)

• In Detroit, civilization has fallen and people are desperate. It’s doubtful that the new law requiring armed security guards at every gas station, or the “Midnight March Against Violence and Fear,” can solve what is essentially a genetic, biological problem. (28 minutes)

• A new bill, HR347, has passed the regime’s pretended “House of Representatives.” This bill makes it illegal to protest if there is any politician in the vicinity — even if you don’t know he’s there.  (44 minutes)

• Andrew Breitbart, immediately before his mysterious death, had telegraphed the fact that he had some very damaging information about the even more mysterious Barack Hussein Obama and the shadowy forces that created his persona and career. (1 hour 4 minutes)

• The Solutrean Hypothesis — the idea that the first humans in America were from Europe and arrived 20,000 years before the Amerindians — is rapidly gaining ground, because more and more physical evidence of a very early European presence here is being discovered. (1 hour 11 minutes)

• If the Middle Eastern crime lords who really run the United States cannot bribe a politician, they will intimidate him with dirt from their extensive files. If there is no dirt on him, a physically attractive operative of the appropriate sex will be dispatched to obtain some. And, if that does not work, their intelligence agencies will simply do what they always do, and the newspapers will duly report a sad passing due to a plane crash, an auto accident, or “natural causes.” (1 hour 44 minutes)

• In the Netherlands, a government-funded mobile “euthanasia van” is now available for those who supposedly want to end their lives, but whose doctors refuse to help kill them. Why is it that Third Worlders who live very primitive lives tenaciously hold on to every precious breath, while well-off Westerners increasingly accept a culture of death? (2 hours 3 minutes)

• Why are the major media in this country burying the fact that Bradley Manning  — the courageous soldier who exposed the dirty lies and secrets of the Washington regime’s military — has now been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize? (2 hours 16 minutes)

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Listen: Liberty Net 3/3″]