Liberty Net: April 28, 2012

by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

DESPITE THE FALLING of a large tree on Marty, N2IRJ’s Beverage receiving antenna, repairs were made in good time and the antenna was up and running fast, and served the net and the phone patch participants well. Next week, a new alternate N2IRJ transmitting antenna will be put into service!

Since 1974, the Liberty Net has been the place for independent-thinking radio amateurs to congregate and share ideas. It’s on every Saturday night at 10PM, somewhere in the upper 50 kHz of the 75 meter ’phone band.

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Here are some of the ideas introduced and debated during this week’s session:

• One name to watch in European politics is France’s Marine Le Pen, who has revitalized the anti-banker, pro-freedom, and pro-self-determination forces there. Some call her the “Ron Paul of France.” (18 minutes)

• Good news department: When an agent of the regime’s “Food and Drug Administration” tried to prevent an Amish farmer from selling his milk in Indiana recently, the local sheriff stated that the agent had better stay away from the farmer and his property — or face arrest. In Texas, another patriotic sheriff stated that federal agents would be arrested if they seized guns for any reason from citizens of his county. (35 minutes)

• When the Black Panthers openly put a bounty on a man’s head, why are there no legal consequences for them? If the races were reversed, you can bet things would be different. (40 minutes)

• Banks essentially have a license to print money, so things have to be really bad for them to fail — yet five US banks have failed since Spring Break alone. (45 minutes)

• Even though immigrants are pouring into Germany at an alarming rate, the country’s population is nevertheless falling — which means that the native White population there is in severe decline and, like many other White peoples, is literally facing extinction. (51 minutes)

• Huge numbers of illegal Mestizo immigrants are taking advantage of an IRS rule that lets each of them get tens of thousands of dollars in “refunds” for children, nieces, and nephews — even if these relatives live in Mexico or are even fictional — and even if the illegals never paid a dime in taxes to begin with. The IRS is doing exactly nothing about it. The total amount paid is now estimated at $5 billion. (56 minutes)

• Something very strange is going on in the highest echelons of Washington regime: Both its Republican and Democratic factions are currying favor with, and trying to co-opt, Muslim groups, even quite radical ones, while at the same time they are making bloody war on the Muslims’ relatives overseas. The recent behavior of Grover Norquist, Karl Rove, and Jack Abramoff bear study in this regard, as does the Web site “The Muslim Brotherhood in America.” (1 hour 3 minutes)

• It’s an odd coincidence — if it is a coincidence — that the Bush family and the Bin Laden family, and the Bush family and the Hinckley family, were friends. (1 hour 20 minutes)

• A new and rather simple system has been developed by Russia to detect the Washington regime’s “stealth aircraft” which are (very expensively) designed to absorb radar signals. The detector simply senses cell telephone signals reflected off the killer planes. (1 hour 28 minutes)

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Once again, thanks to W1WCR and all participants for making this extraordinary net possible — and please check in!

Listen: Liberty Net 4/28″]