Liberty Net: April 20, 2013

Liberty Net - there is an alternative

by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

THIS WEEK SAW the addition of a new session of the Liberty Net — Wednesdays at 9 PM Eastern Time — so the net is now twice weekly instead of weekly. If you’re one of those folks who is free on weeknights but not on Saturdays, or if you’re just someone with a lot to say, check in to our new Wednesday night get-together and prepare for the very best kind of challenging learning — and fun.

Liberty Net - 2013-0420
Midweek Liberty Net - 2013-0424

Here’s just a small sample of the ideas brought up for discussion on the Liberty Net this week:

• When the controlled media talking heads say that they “can’t figure out the motive” for the Boston bombings, it staggers the imagination. They must be living in a parallel universe — one where American military aggression and American support for Israeli aggression isn’t enraging Muslims worldwide. (7 minutes)

• If we must have immigrants — a questionable proposition — why not carefully select the countries from which they come? Pick countries of high quality, and with populations that match ours genetically — and almost all immigration-related problems will disappear. (20 minutes)

• A labor shortage — which causes rising wages and lower prices for many necessities — benefits the people. A labor surplus — which causes falling wages and rising prices — benefits the oligarchs. Now do you understand why billionaires support open borders? (22 minutes)

• France’s government has committed treason against the French people by instituting a blackout on news that might be seen as unflattering to the non-White invaders of France. (27 minutes)

• The Washington regime is also treasonous — witness its recent willingness to send young American troops to Jordan’s border to please Zionists, and its absolute refusal to use armed force to protect our borders. (30 minutes)

• Why do we build border walls and fortresses and missile defense systems for Israel (and compliant Arab puppet regimes that go along with Israel) but totally neglect the defense of our own border? Every major American politician must solemnly intone his belief in the “security of Israel as a Jewish state” or he’ll never get elected. But if a candidate ever said he was dedicated to the survival of a “White people’s state” anywhere on Earth, it would be called a “hate crime.” (2 hours 28 minutes)

• The false flag event — an incident of terror or violence in which the attackers pose in the literal or figurative uniforms of their enemies, or purposely goad real enemies into an attack, in order to get support for a war — has a long history in the US. False flags got us into World War 2, Vietnam, and the current wars “on terror” for example. The average is American is so naive — and so moralistic and jingoistic — that he falls for it every time. (2 hours 41 minutes)

• One news story that was conveniently pushed off the screen by the Boston bombing was the fact that Obama, Bush, and Clinton have just been charged with war crimes and crimes against humanity in a 500-page report issued by a bipartisan commission. (2 hours 56 minutes)

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Liberty Net - 2013-0420
Midweek Liberty Net - 2013-0424