Liberty Net: July 13, 2013


by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

NOW THAT WE KNOW about the secret “national security courts” that have been issuing decrees “legalizing” the massive spying, bombing, and murder programs of the Washington regime, the last vestige of the System’s legitimacy has dropped away. This System’s “laws” are no laws at all, its secret courts are not courts, and its decrees are without any validity whatsoever. Winds of change, it’s time for a hurricane.

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Here are just a few of the concepts and issues debated on the Liberty Net this time:

• Is there any connection between the severe outbreaks of Lyme Disease in recent decades and experiments at the Washington regime’s biological warfare lab on Plum Island? (1 minute)

• Now that the Zimmerman trial is over, will the System attempt to prosecute Zimmerman on “civil rights” charges? (Such a trial could uncover many of Washington’s, and the prosecution’s, dirty tricks.) Or will Zimmerman strike first and sue for wrongful prosecution? One thing’s for sure — this Black versus mixed-Mestizo conflict is absolute proof that racial conflict will continue unabated even if the System succeeds in genociding all the White people in North America. (7 minutes)

• New Hampshire has a thriving Free State movement, which encourages liberty-minded individuals to move to the state and join forces to gain political power. (27 minutes)

• Could one reason for the intelligence agencies’ getting endless billions in funding — and a free hand to do whatever they want to us, up to and including murder — be that said agencies have serious dirt on every single politician in the sink-pit on the Potomac? (43 minutes)

• The enemy is not a bunch of persecuted, hapless Third Worlders who are being forced closely together with us in this country and forced into armed conflict with us overseas. No. The enemy is the one who engineers the invasion and starts the conflicts. The enemy does not wear a turban or a hijab. The enemy wears suits and ties and occupies the toniest law offices in Washington, the richest counting-houses in New York City, and the most dazzling dream factories in the City of Angels. (55 minutes)

• The Money Power and its alphabet agencies in Washington get richer and more powerful by the millisecond. Think about it — what kind of a fortune could you accumulate in 90 days, starting only with a few hundred dollars, if you could get the drop on the commodities markets alone, as the NSA’s clients can easily do? Now imagine you start with billions, have decades to work with, and have foreknowledge of the players’ moves in every market. (57 minutes)

• Time to turn Fort Meade and Langley into national parks, fire all the spies, and totally expose and publish every single one of all the illegal acts our secret rules committed there. (1 hour 8 minutes)

• Ever wonder why so many politicians get snagged in sex scandals? Could it be because the intelligence agencies set up liaisons and orgies between their operatives — male or female, underage, unspeakably perverted, or whatever is most likely to hook the fish — and virtually every politician who might need to be blackmailed one day? (1 hour 20 minutes)

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