Liberty Net: July 20, 2013

N2IRJ shack N2IRJ_20130627_1189

by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

MARTY, N2IRJ has been rebuilding his amateur station and the results so far are shown in the pictures above. On the desktop, we see the display monitor showing us the control panel of PowerSDR, the program that controls Marty’s Flex 5000A software-defined transceiver. To the left, on top of the rack, we see an Ameritron solid state linear amplifier. In the rack itself are a multiband audio compressor at the top, a large Dorrough loudness meter to keep track of the microphone and Liberty Net phone patch levels feeding the gear, a peak limiter for final peak control both over the air and on the streaming audio feed, and a Behringer audio mixer which controls the feeds to and from the Internet, the phone patch, and the transceiver itself.

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Now here’s a small sample of the issues debated on the Liberty Net this time:

• Why have major banks lent money to bankrupt, Third World Detroit? Is it the prospect of making its residents (and all taxpayers) even more into eternal debt-slaves than they already are? (13 minutes)

• When Detroit initially filed for bankruptcy, a judge held up the filing for a time on the bizarre grounds that bankruptcy would “not honor the President of the United States.” Huh? (22 minutes)

• Despite the media lies engendered by the Zimmerman / Martin case, which might lead you to believe that there is an epidemic of Whites attacking Blacks, the truth is that Blacks are many, many times more likely to commit murder, robbery, and other violent crimes than Whites. Out 770,000 violent interracial crimes committed each year involving Blacks and Whites, 85 per cent. are committed by Blacks. (56 minutes)

• The best source for the crime statistics that neither the phony liberals nor the phony conservatives will report is The Color of Crime, published by the New Century Foundation. (1 hour 8 minutes)

• What is the benefit to anyone of retaining the population group that destroyed Detroit? If a new country were being started on the soil of North America, would any sane person want to include them as citizens? They might be accepted — and even form a respected class — in Africa, the land of their ancestry, however. (1 hour 18 minutes)

• The nearly insane anti-woman laws that prevail in many Muslim countries ought to make egalitarians very leery of Muslim immigration and the growth of “Sharia law” in the West — but it doesn’t. Why not? It’s because the real motive of contemporary egalitarians is not “equality” — it’s a desire to destroy us. And in that they are in complete agreement with primitive Muslims. (1 hour 38 minutes)

• There is now a serious proposal to put a 14-foot wall around Hamtramck, Michigan to keep Detroit and its violent criminals out of the city. (1 hour 44 minutes)

• Now that the insurance companies and the Washington regime have made such a nightmare out of health care in this country, many doctors are rebelling and cultivating cash customers at low rates. This allows families to bypass the entire rotten system by setting aside money each month and self-insuring. (1 hour 49 minutes)

• It started with a “no fly” list. But with the massive invasions of our privacy and increasing monopolization of necessities, we’re headed for a “no eat” list and a “no live” list. (1 hour 58 minutes)

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Remember, thanks to our multiple audio feeds, you’re likely to be nearly interference-proof! So please check in. And, as always, you can download the net recording right here at and listen at your leisure.

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