Liberty Net: February 15, 2014


by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

THIS WEEK the Liberty Net welcomes Steve, N8WGM back to the airwaves after many years of being off the air — and we also give our thanks to N2SAG and N2IRJ for keeping Steve’s interesting commentary on the net through their excellent phone patches.

Listen: Liberty Net 2/15″]

Here’s a small selection of some of the ideas brought up on this week’s Liberty Net session:

• The recent death of Shirley Temple brings to mind the much healthier entertainment world of the Old America — compared to the disgusting debasement of, say, Miley Cyrus which typifies our era. (9 minutes)

• With Comcast/NBC buying Time Warner, we see even further consolidation of the very few media companies which control almost all that we see and hear — with Jewish media dynasties even more solidly in charge. (13 minutes)

• Should the DNA of high achievers — especially members of the existentially threatened European race — be preserved for use in a future renaissance? (18 minutes)

• What slaughterhouse engineers do to innocent animals to get them to submit to the blade without protest is a very close analogy to what the oligarchs are doing to us. (23 minutes)

• Fox News is not an alternative to the oligarchs’ media. Fox News is a creation of the oligarchs, designed to give the illusion of an alternative. (32 minutes)

• Why should taxpayers in some of the most bankrupt cities in America have to pay millions to build free sports stadiums for the multimillionaire moguls who own the pro sports franchises? (36 minutes)

• Are magnetically-levitated tunnel trains travelling at thousands of miles per hour the future of public transportation? (48 minutes)

• Some jurisdictions are seriously considering banning the use of amateur radio in automobiles. (52 minutes)

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Once again, thanks to W1WCR for running this important and historic discussion net — now in its 40th year — and thanks also to N2IRJ for making these recordings available.

Listen: Liberty Net 2/15″]