Liberty Net: January 29, 2014


by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

THERE ARE few things better than cozying up to your shortwave gear in a warm room on a cold Winter’s night and talking with your friends on the Liberty Net. And ionospheric conditions have been improving 75 meter propagation lately, making the enjoyment even greater. Don’t forget that the Midweek Liberty Net (on Wednesdays) and the Survival Net (on Sundays) have changed their start times to 10PM Eastern.

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Here’s a selection of some of the subjects on this week’s Liberty Net session:

• One of the most popular broadcasts of the recent “State of the Union” address was Alex Jones’s — and Jones gave a continual, and hilarious, running commentary during the speech. (6 minutes)

• There are still classical orchestras and choral groups throughout our nation, but they are less known than in previous decades, largely because the billionaires’ media put much more emphasis on ghetto/trash “culture.” (13 minutes)

• It’s supremely ironic that the Ford Foundation now controls the great wealth created by Henry Ford, yet the Foundation strongly opposes almost everything Ford stood for. Similarly, the Girl Scouts have been politicized by usurpers, and as a result many who believe in traditional values are boycotting the group and its cookie sales. (29 minutes)

• As the labor force becomes composed more and more of Third Worlders of low intelligence and abilities, and we see a simultaneous move to boost the minimum wage significantly, expect to see a lot more robotic automation and offshoring of jobs. (1 hour 35 minutes)

• The United States — the land of no financial privacy, confiscatory taxation of the average family, and our enslavement both to the overclass parasites and the underclass parasites — is no longer listed in the top ten countries for economic freedom. Even Botswana is ahead of us. (1 hour 45 minutes)

• “Quantitative easing” is not free money — except to the bankers who create it out of nothing. For all of the rest of us, it is just more crushing debt. How long before the revolution? Do we really have to wait until the bankers own everything? (1 hour 57 minutes)

• If we can believe the declarations from Washington, the American economy is getting better faster than ever, making so many new jobs that the rest of the developed world looks like a bunch of slackers. (2 hours 2 minutes)

Thanks to Marty, N2IRJ, you’re able to listen to the Liberty Net on your computer — or download the file and listen on your portable mp3 player. And he and Al, N2SAG, operate live feeds and discussion rooms during Net times (see the links in the left column of this page) that let you make an end run around jammers and a fickle ionosphere.

Please check in with your call sign, and add your voice to the most exciting net on the amateur bands — every Saturday night, starting at 10PM Eastern Time — and Wednesday nights at the same time. (And check out the Sunday 10PM Survival Net too.)  The frequency varies to avoid causing interference, but is almost always somewhere above 3950 kHz LSB, quite often on 3995.

Our deepest thanks go to W1WCR for his hard work and courage in running the Liberty Net, which is now in its 40th year.

Listen: Liberty Net 2/1