Liberty Net: August 16, 2014


by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

WE ARE saddened to hear of the lung-cancer-related death of long-time Liberty Net participant Mike DeWoody, ex-N3GVA, in Maryland this week. (Mike, left, is shown in a 2010 photo above with WB4AIO.)

Mike was known for his calm on-the-air demeanor and brilliant wit during some of the most intense jamming and other attacks on the Net that took place in the 1990s and early 2000s. He was a peaceful, sensitive, and deeply intellectual man who could make a powerful and moving statement with just a few quiet words. He would often surprise you with the utter reasonableness and philosophical validity with which he presented radical and paradigm-shifting ideas. Mike turned in his license to the FCC in protest against the Washington regime’s intrusive, tyrannical, and anti-American behavior.

Years ago, Mike had a near-death experience which made him confident that death was not the end, and he faced his final hours with peace, with his long-time girlfriend and life partner Quincy by his side. Wherever you are, Mike, hail and farewell until we meet again.

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Here is a selection of the ideas debated during this week’s Liberty Net:

• The protests and looting in Ferguson, Missouri are partly an expression of outrage against the killing of a Black man by a White policeman — but the deaths of the over 500 Blacks killed in Chicago, almost entirely by other Blacks — including 52 in a single weekend — pass with very little notice. (17 minutes)

• A new app called SketchFactor crowdsources crime and violence reports to help travellers avoid dangerous areas. Naturally, it’s been called “racist” since almost all “sketchy” areas are populated by Blacks and Mestizos. A Washington, DC television station sent a crew into a “sketchy” neighborhood to interview residents about how they felt about the designation — and the TV crew’s van promptly had its lock popped and expensive equipment was stolen. (18 minutes)

• Blacks don’t like being policed and ordered around by Whites, and Whites don’t like Black criminal, violent, and dependent tendencies. And no one except the self-styled “elite” seems to like the thug-like militarized police that have become necessary to keep order in a multiracial society. So let’s give up on multiracialism. Let’s give each and every distinct people its own society and self-rule. (23 minutes)

• After the apparent police overreaction and killing of Michael Brown and its immediate aftermath, the authorities switched to a policy of under-reaction to looters, who were left virtually free to plunder. In some areas, only the business owners who stood armed outside their stores were safe. (45 minutes)

• Uber-oligarch George Soros is reported to be massively shorting the US stock market. Is this an indication of an imminent crash, perhaps triggered by another of Soros’ infamous currency manipulations? (49 minutes)

• It’s becoming more and more evident that the killer chemical cocktail in Roundup herbicide is very bad for the environment and for our health. It’s so ubiquitous in agribusiness that the only sure ways to avoid it are to go totally organic from a known and trusted organic farm in your area — or grow your own. (1 hour 33 minutes)

• In another police incident in Ferguson, the police there recently charged a man with “assault” because he got his own blood on the officers’ uniforms while they were beating him. (1 hour 36 minutes)

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