Liberty Net: March 7, 2015

Liberty-Net---Drake-SPR-4by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

ONE IMPORTANT THING to consider when building an antenna system for 75 meters is efficiency. For inverted L or vertical antennas, an elevated radial system works best. Avoid commercially-made under-40-foot verticals; they’re very inefficient and produce weak signals. Make a wire vertical at least 60 feet in length, and elevate the feedpoint and radials 7 feet or more above the ground. At that height, even two radials give reasonable efficiency. Inverted Ls at about 150 feet in length and with elevated radials work well too (on both 75 and 160 meters), but require a simple matching network at the base. Dipoles and inverted Vs are efficient and effective too, but should be in the clear and have their centers at 45 feet or higher.

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Here’s a selection from, and commentary on, some of the concepts discussed during the Liberty Net this week:

• Another bank ripoff — and invasion of our privacy: Chase Bank now refuses to accept cash for deposit in relatives’ or family members’ accounts — you must use a check or money order only. (18 minutes)

• If we’re going to be forced to accept “homosexual marriage,” how long before we are also forced to accept plural marriage, or marriage to animals or objects? One you abandon Nature as your guide, there is no limit to the sickness. (36 minutes)

• Why are the Jewish-controlled media, like “ABC Family” for instance, given a free pass to depict underage sexual behavior on-screen? And why do they particularly delight in showing us homosexual examples of such behavior? You’d almost get the impression they want to promote deviant sexual behavior in our young people — behavior that results in no, or fewer, children. (41 minutes)

• “Liberals” are unintentionally correct when they liken the current push for “homosexual rights” to the so-called “civil rights movement” of the 1960s: Both are illegitimate and illegal infringements upon the right of free association — and both are intended to undermine our society. (49 minutes)

• It’s preposterous to look at the high Black arrest and conviction records and conclude that “White racism” is the cause: The simple fact, and one that the media and the System ignore, is that Blacks, especially young Black males, are far more inclined to criminality than other groups. (56 minutes)

• The regime in Washington has now sent troops (under the guise of “training”) and weapons to Ukraine’s puppet government in Kiev. This is how it always starts. This action will also make it much easier for Washington to arrange the deaths of American troops as a way of getting the boobs pepped up for a war against Russia. (1 hour 2 minutes)

• It may seem mysterious why corporations promote homosexuality, since it stands to reduce both their customer and worker base. But it can be understood once you know that the same Tribe controls major US corporations that also owns the major pornography producers. And pornography producers make and promote interracial porn even though it’s not profitable: It’s political. See: (1 hour 23 minutes)

• Churches which are registered with the regime’s “IRS” as a “501c3” tax-exempt organization may lose their tax exemption if they refuse to marry perverts. (1 hour 30 minutes)

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