Liberty Net: April 11, 2015

Liberty-Net---militant-Libertyby Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

I’M SORRY that this article is late this week, but antenna construction — for a new Liberty Net antenna — took up much of my Liberty Net time this week. Nothing is more important from the standpoint of being heard than the efficiency and radiation pattern of your transmitting antenna, so it was time well spent — expect to hear the results on the air soon.

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Here’s my small selection from, and commentary about, some of the discussions taking place on the net this week:

• One of the best writers on the subject of liberty — and religion and “democracy” too — is the great H.L. Mencken. Look him up, start reading, and both broaden and deepen your understanding. (29 minutes)

• The same corrupters that are genociding White people in Europe and America are now working on Japan — the company that controls Miss Universe pageants has now named a half-Japanese half-Congoid female as “Miss Universe Japan.” (58 minutes)

• When you combine the mass immigration that is now being forced on every White country with the anti-White psyops in all the major media, you have a coordinated operation, not a “coincidence” or a “mistaken policy.” And the purpose of that operation is the eradication of White people from the face of the Earth. (1 hour 4 minutes)

• The Catholic, Lutheran, and other churches are currently getting tens of millions of dollars from the regime in Washington as payment for their assistance in settling huge numbers of non-White immigrants in White areas in this country, effectively making them an unelected, unaccountable branch of government — and complicit in that government’s genocide. (1 hour 10 minutes)

• The house of cards will probably fall in a few decades or less: When more and more people have no faith in a country’s institutions — and poll after poll shows this is happening — a tipping point is reached, and the System begins to fail in many dimensions simultaneously. (And it’s mostly just the most ignorant or brainwashed White people who still have faith in the System: Third World immigrants never did.) (1 hour 13 minutes)

• Sometimes the decline of the regime is hilariously obvious: Recently Eric Holder was forced to issue a memo reminding all employees of the “Department of Justice,” “including attorneys and law enforcement officers,” that they must stop “soliciting, procuring, or accepting commercial sex… regardless of whether the activity is legal or tolerated in a particular jurisdiction, foreign or domestic.” (1 hour 16 minutes)

• There is truth in the accusation that Blacks are far more violent and criminal than Whites — and there is also truth in the accusation, from Blacks and others, that illegal, unjustified violence by our increasingly militarized police force is rising and out of control. The simple principle at work here is that a population that genetically resembles the Third World requires a Third-World-style tyranny to keep it under control. Liberty can never exist without a genetically advanced race as its basis. (1 hour 50 minutes)

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Listen: Liberty Net 4/11