Liberty Net: May 16, 2015

Liberty-Net---microphone-posterby Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

NOW THAT the weather is warmer, but still not oppressively hot, it’s a good time to work on your antenna system. Forget commercial multiband verticals — virtually none of them provide a good signal on 75 meters. Instead, make yourself a home-made full-size 75 meter wire antenna — dipole, inverted L, or vertical. One of my favorite antennas is what I call the WB4AIO Inverted L Marconi: It’s 150 feet of wire in an inverted L configuration, fed at the base. It can be oriented 40 feet vertical and 110 feet horizontal, or, if you have more height, 70 feet vertical and 80 feet horizontal — or anywhere in between. It will work almost the same either way. Elevate the base 7 to 8 feet above the ground, and use just two to four elevated radials. Efficiency and performance will be excellent on 160, 75, and 40, with a nearly omnidirectional pattern. The antenna will also work well on 20 through 10, but the pattern will be complex. You can use a simple L-network tuner at the base, or feed with open wire line and two current baluns as I do, and tune right in your shack. Write to me using the contact form on this site if you want to know more.

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Here’s my interpretation of some of the ideas brought forward on the Liberty Net this week:

• Since the voting system is permanently broken in this country, locking out any meaningful change, direct action will become the political expression of the future. (20 minutes)

• The so-called Trans-Pacific Partnership, which will open the floodgates to massive Asian immigration, is another treasonous betrayal of the American people. (23 minutes)

• The billionaire-enabled invasion of our nation and civilization can accurately be described as “death by a thousand cuts” — but the average TV-watcher can’t be bothered to do anything about it, or he might miss his favorite show, or, even worse, be called a “racist.” (28 minutes)

• The most obnoxious dirtbag in the US Senate, John McCain, has a new job: presidential advisor — but not to Obama. McCain will reportedly be “advising” puppet president Poroshenko of Ukraine. (35 minutes)

• There’s a move afoot by the Usual Suspects to put Harriet Tubman on the $20 Federal Reserve note. The textbooks our enemies force our children to use give more space to Tubman than they do to George Washington. (37 minutes)

• The governor of Idaho is reportedly giving a 50 square mile plot of land to the Communist Chinese to build a supposed “duty free zone” that for all practical purposes will be a completely Chinese-run city on American soil. (43 minutes)

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Listen: Liberty Net 5/16