Liberty Net: May 2, 2015

1430663958-Welcome To the Liberty Net. O T Aby Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

REMEMBER that the Liberty Net is a long-term institution — an integral part of amateur radio since 1974 — serving the public interest, convenience, and necessity through the free exchange of ideas and information that is so rare in today’s world of censorship and “Political Correctness.”

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Here’s my brief summary of, and comments on, a few of the ideas and events brought up on the net’s session this week:

• When a nun wanted to come to America from the Middle East to discuss the problems faced by Christians there, she was denied entry. I wonder if any Jewish spokesman from Israel has ever been refused entry in recent years. (5 minutes)

• Race trumps nationality every time: The ability of the Old America, and Switzerland, to have a high level of culture and civilization — and the failure of the Mestizo world to do anywhere near the same — proves that it is race, not culture, religion, or language that matters most. (16 minutes)

• Al Sharpton has called for the Washington regime to take over policing in the city that was once called Baltimore. (25 minutes)

• Approximately one third of Black males in the United States will be tried, convicted, and imprisoned at some time during their lives. It’s time for separation of the races. (26 minutes)

• Could Freddie Gray have been a victim of the new designer drug “flaca,” which causes its users to go berserk? (28 minutes)

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Listen: Liberty Net 5/2