Liberty Net: August 15, 2015

Liberty-Net---Johnson-Viking-Matchboxby Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

SOMETHING THAT both amateurs and SWLs should consider is the purchase of a software-defined radio (or SDR). An SDR consists of a direct-conversion mixer, or direct analogue-to-digital converter, coupled to software which can manipulate the digitized stream of ones and zeros perfectly representing the RF waveforms — and give you mathematically perfect demodulation (or modulation) of any mode: SSB, CW, AM, DSB, et cetera — without any of the noise and distortion buildup inevitable in conventional transceivers. Receiving on an SDR has been described as like having a film peeled off your eyes and perceiving reality clearly for the first time. Transmitting is equally clean. On top of that, the dynamic range and perfectly-rectangular filters are excellent. Filter edges can be dragged with your mouse, too, so you can have perfect high fidelity wideband audio, or narrow DX filtration, depending on what you want at any given moment. Good units are available from Anan, Flexradio Systems, Perseus, and many others.

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Here’s a brief digest of — and my take on — some of the ideas discussed on the Liberty Net this session:

• Happy birthday to Nyssa, K4HZY, who has been a welcome weekly commenter on the Liberty Net for many years now through the N2IRJ phone patch. (11 minutes)

• The Liberty Net is a community. There are varying degrees of understanding and viewpoint and personality and experience. But our love of liberty and our hopes to regain our self-determination should always keep us cordial, respectful, and learning all the time. (16 minutes)

• It was great to hear KA2YLZ, Fred, on the air through Marty’s phone patch this week. Fred is a highly-skilled radio announcer and engineer, expert on classical music, and keeps order in the Liberty Net discussion room three times a week. Thanks, Fred! (19 minutes)

• The writer Colin Flaherty has spent years of his life documenting Black-on-White crimes and had an extremely popular YouTube channel where he disseminated — in a neutral, scholarly manner — much of his research in the field. But Jewish-owned YouTube decided to censor Flaherty and deleted his channel. (53 minutes)

• Now that Americans are allowed to travel to Cuba, how long will it be before boorish, pushy, drunken, slob-type ‘Murkans behave so badly that they get put in a Cuban hellhole jail? (1 hour 8 minutes)

• One of the great classics of French literature (also available in English) is Jean Raspail’s novel Camp of the Saints. It has much to say about what it means to be White — and the threats to White civilization. The horrific prophecies detailed in the book are now coming true. (1 hour 13 minutes)

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