Liberty Net for Week of April 17-24

by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

LATELY there’s been some real disagreement and debate on the Liberty Net, the longest-running discussion net in Amateur Radio history. Some participants believe that virtually all politicians are liars and totally corrupt servants of the moneyed oligarchs, except perhaps for a tiny number of right-libertarians like Ron and Rand Paul, and populists like James Traficant and Eliot Spitzer. Other “Liberty Netters” believe that the only exceptions to criminal politicians can be found in left-progressives like Dennis Kucinich and the late Ted Kennedy. Is this conflict resolvable? The two sides also have diametrically opposed views on the Tea Party movement. Will patriots who oppose the oligarchs ever come to a consensus? I don’t know, but the free speech and cross-fertilization of ideas are bracing and thought-provoking.

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Here are some of the highlights of this week’s Net:

• The FBI has officially admitted that there was — when there were still patriots in the FBI — an FBI file on Obama’s grandfather, and they also admit that that file was destroyed. Was it because BHO’s grandfather was a friend of Communist Party member and drug dealer Frank Marshall Davis? (15 minutes)

• Is hatred for White people the central motivating factor driving Obama’s attempted “wealth redistribution” schemes? (19 minutes)

• Bill Clinton has now openly stated that “all this anti-government talk” is a prelude to civil war in the United States. (20 minutes)

• We should all remember the victims of the government kill team that murdered the innocent men, women, and children in Waco, Texas 17 years ago. (30 minutes)

• In Iraq, the U.S. government is forcing farmers to use sterile hybrid (and genetically modified) seeds sold by Monsanto Corporation — which means the farmers cannot use seeds from their own crops to plant next year. (37 minutes)

• We need an investigation into the exact role of Hank Paulson at Goldman Sachs when it was issuing fraudulent debt securities. We already know that hedge fund firm Paulson and Company was created by Goldman specifically to hide the fact that they were betting against their own investors. (50 minutes)

• It’s important to remember that Goldman Sachs (and its ilk) is not an American company like Collins or Hallicrafters — they make nothing; they just take — and fund politicians like Barack Hussein Obama who steer billions of dollars their way. Furthermore, the parasites who created Goldman Sachs will “retire” the name and surface under another name whenever it serves their purposes. (1 hour 28 minutes)

• NuShawn Williams, the AIDS-infected Black man who purposely infected 13 White females (and one non-White female) with HIV, most of them between the ages of 12 and 17, and who stated that his goal was to infect 300 by having multiple sex partners every day, is due to be released this week. There has been a move to detain him civilly, but that can only last for 60 days. (2 hours 12 minutes)

• The idea of total international “interdependence” is a poisonous one, which threatens to destroy the individual character of nations and peoples — and which reduces choice for the individual, who will increasingly be forced to conform to one global standard. (3 hours 0 minutes)

• What is the best word to describe George Soros and his kind? (3 hours 7 minutes)

Don’t forget you can download the Liberty Net right here on — or listen live via N2SAG or N2IRJ. Thanks as always to Vic, W1WCR who makes it all happen every Saturday night at 10PM Eastern Time somewhere within 10 kHz or so of 3950 kHz.

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