Liberty Net: June 12, 2010

by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

W1WCR’s new antenna — a 165-foot doublet held up by 100-foot pine trees — provided even more intense signals than usual for this week’s session of the Liberty Net.

Conversations on the historic current events discussion net ranged from the hidden aspects of politics to spy numbers stations to shortwave radio propagation and the mysteries of women.

Listen to or download this week's Liberty Net recorded June 12

Here is a small sampling of what you’ll hear on this week’s recording:

• New York City schools have come up with an innovative way to close the “racial achievement gap” — they simply give partial credit for wrong answers. (2 hours 44 minutes)

• According to a story in the European Union Times, the Gulf oil spill may be the greatest ecological disaster ever to occur in human history, threatening — according to a Russian intelligence report made to President Medvedev — to cause massive destruction to all eastern North America, largely due to highly toxic so-called “dispersants.” (1 hour 35 minutes)

• Does the self-styled elite have an agenda to depopulate large parts of the United States? (1 hour 41 minutes)

• Why have robotic submersibles not been sent down to investigate the actual cause of the downing of the Deep Water Horizon? (1 hour 48 minutes)

• What was Congress thinking when, years ago, they allowed BP to have sweetheart “limited liability” legislation for its operations in the Gulf? Would new legislation assigning more liability to them be unconstitutional as an ex post facto law? (1 hour 54 minutes)

• The current American economic depression is a result of drunken spending being financed by drunken lending — with the end result being that both spenders and lenders go broke. The Washington regime thinks it can solve this problem with more drunken spending. (2 hours 6 minutes)

• The mysteries of shortwave propagation are in some ways comparable to the mysteries of women. (2 hours 34 minutes)

• For the first time since the fall of Communism, the actual equipment used to generate “spy numbers” signals has been disclosed. It’s all on a series of videos which you can find linked on (2 hours 36 minutes)

• Solid state hard drives provide an astonishing performance increase compared to their conventional counterparts. (2 hours 41 minutes)

This week’s Net was helped by good propagation, and brief attempts at jamming were completely ineffective.

You can listen to the Liberty Net every Saturday night on or around 3950 kHz (usually within 10 kHz) beginning at 10PM Eastern Time.

My personal thanks go out to all of those who make the Net what it is, especially W1WCR, N2SAG, and N2IRJ.

Listen to or download this week's Liberty Net recorded June 12