Liberty Net: November 12, 2011

by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

THE EXCITEMENT was at a high level as the number of check-ins to the Liberty Net — both via phone patch and over the air — seemed to increase right in step with the sunspot numbers.

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Here’s a tiny selection of the issues discussed this week on amateur radio’s best and longest-running discussion net:

• Although poll after poll and vote after vote shows that Ron Paul is the leading Republican candidate, the billionaires’ media are blatantly suppressing that fact — more proof that American elections are about as genuine as professional wrestling matches. (30 minutes)

• Electing new representatives or a new president is not enough. Not by a long shot. It will take a huge housecleaning and the revocation of thousands of illegal “laws” to reverse over a century of unconstitutional acts and subversion. (40 minutes)

• It’s clear that Israel and its sycophants in the US are slavering to attack Iran. If they do, will it result in a devastating World War in which hundreds of thousands of Americans — not just the cannon fodder in the field — will die? (59 minutes)

• The plague of abandoned and looted houses — and dangerous areas where civilized people, and even police, fear to tread — is spreading from Detroit to Black-majority and Mestizo-majority areas of Cleveland, Cincinnati, and other rust belt cities. (1 hour 26 minutes)

• More and more states and communities are encouraging drivers to use “EZPass” — which gives faceless bureaucrats detailed information on where you, when you go, how fast you go, when you come back, and what’s in your bank account. (2 hours 14 minutes)

• One of the most promising developments in recent years is the emergence of the Oathkeepers — a group of police officers and military men who swear to keep their oaths by refusing to obey illegal, unconstitutional orders. (2 hours 59 minutes)

• All members of the military and the police need to understand that the regime in Washington is an illegal regime — and that all its wars are illegal wars of aggression — and that no election or series of elections is likely to change that. (3 hours 18 minutes)

• Wherever fractional reserve banking has been overthrown, the cost of living has fallen by roughly two thirds, and the standard of living has skyrocketed. (3 hours 23 minutes)

• New evidence is emerging that police departments are in the business of selling seized drugs on a massive scale. (3 hours 47 minutes)

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Listen: Liberty Net 11/12″]