Liberty Net: November 19, 2011

by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

THE LIBERTY NET just continues to grow and grow, and the session length is now routinely double what it was only a few months ago.

Listen: Liberty Net 11/19″]

Below you’ll find a small sample of the topics brought up this week on amateur radio’s most exciting net:

• Over 500 students in Detroit are now being sent to the “Harambee Center,” an Afro-centric school just constructed by the bankrupt city at the cost of millions of taxpayer dollars, much of which comes from White taxpayers. Although a financial ripoff, allowing ethnic groups like Detroit’s Blacks to have their own cultural institutions could be a first step toward separation and real self-determination. (23 minutes)

• A leak suggests that the Obama administration is considering eliminating testing as a requirement for public school promotion and graduation. This is insane, of course, but it is probably the only way that the racial achievement gap could be erased. (30 minutes)

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Liberty Net: November 12, 2011

by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

THE EXCITEMENT was at a high level as the number of check-ins to the Liberty Net — both via phone patch and over the air — seemed to increase right in step with the sunspot numbers.

Listen: Liberty Net 11/12″]

Here’s a tiny selection of the issues discussed this week on amateur radio’s best and longest-running discussion net:

• Although poll after poll and vote after vote shows that Ron Paul is the leading Republican candidate, the billionaires’ media are blatantly suppressing that fact — more proof that American elections are about as genuine as professional wrestling matches. (30 minutes)

• Electing new representatives or a new president is not enough. Not by a long shot. It will take a huge housecleaning and the revocation of thousands of illegal “laws” to reverse over a century of unconstitutional acts and subversion. (40 minutes)

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Liberty Net: November 5, 2011

by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

W1WCR RETURNED as Net Control Station of the Liberty Net this week as a five-day power outage came to an end, and the N2IRJ phone patch brought a welcome new voice, K4HZY, to the net’s airwaves, among many others.

Listen: Liberty Net 11/5″]

Here’s a small sample of the items discussed this week on amateur radio’s most exciting net:

• Gangs of Black “youths” — ironically, at Detroit’s Rosa Parks bus station — have been beating and robbing bus drivers. Not to worry, though: In the most recent incident (which has sparked a work stoppage among terrified drivers) the Detroit police did arrive to help — 30 minutes after the blood started to dry. (34 minutes)

• Why were citizens arrested merely for taking pictures of Wisconsin legislators — when those very same legislators empower bureaucrats to photograph and spy on us constantly? Government is supposed to be our servant, not our master. (51 minutes)

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Liberty Net: October 29, 2011

by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

THIS WEEK’S AUTUMN SNOWSTORM killed electrical power and damaged trees in Hudson, New Hampshire, temporarily putting W1WCR, the Liberty Net’s Net Control Station, off the air. But Marty, N2IRJ, stepped into the breach and kept the conversation flowing. This week also marked the reappearance of long-time net participants N2SAG, WB8RAV, and N8WGM via N2IRJ’s new phone patch system.

Listen: Liberty Net 10/29″]

Here are some of the ideas discussed and debated this week on amateur radio’s longest-running discussion (as opposed to traffic, or mere rag-chewing) net, on the air since 1974:

• How does the addition of 50,000 “contractors” — a better word would be mercenaries, if not hit men — constitute a “withdrawal” from Iraq? (43 minutes)

• It is reported that J.P. Morgan alone holds $90 trillion in derivatives. Not only is this highly speculative form of “wealth created out of nothing” a time bomb waiting to go off, but it makes one wonder just why the banks didn’t bail out themselves — instead of ripping off the taxpayers. (45 minutes)

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Liberty Net: October 22, 2011

by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

A LOT OF WORK is going on behind the scenes to let some of the Liberty Net participants who are temporarily off the air take part via phone patch on N2IRJ. The same patch would also allow non-amateur guests to take part in the discussions. Look for results this week or next!

Listen: Liberty Net 10/22″]

Here are some of the ideas brought to light this time on amateur radio’s most exciting net:

• The price tag for allowing the alleged “Nobel Peace Prize” president to murder Qaddafi was at least $1.3 billion. (14 minutes)

• Now that they hope the American fools have forgotten the 2011 deadline for withdrawal from Iraq, the regime is declaring that our troops “need to stay” — indefinitely. (16 minutes)

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Liberty Net: September 17, 2011

by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

THE LIBERTY NET seems to get several new check-ins every week — so, even when regular participants are away temporarily, the discussions nevertheless continue to grow in breadth and depth. From economics and demographics to history and health, free thought reigns supreme — so please check in and add your voice to the exchange!

Listen: Liberty Net 9/17″]

Here are some of the ideas discussed this time on amateur radio’s most exciting net:

• More and more voices are calling for a new 9/11 investigation, and almost no intelligent person fully accepts the official story. But when a long-time Establishment hack like Bob Graham joins the call, one has to wonder — has he had an attack of conscience? — or does someone want to control and divert any new inquiry? (28 minutes)

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Liberty Net: September 10, 2011

by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

THE LIBERTY NET actually took place on 3950 kHz this time — for the first time in several years — and, ironically, this happened on the night we received the news of the death of one of the most egregious jammers in amateur radio history, WA9KJI. The discussions didn’t focus on negativity, though, and the ideas presented were original, wide-ranging, and at turns philosophical, political, and humorous.

Listen: Liberty Net 9/10″]

Here are some of the concepts brought forth and issues debated on amateur radio’s historic Liberty Net this week:

• The latest “stimulus” bill has nothing to do with boosting the economy, and everything to do with ruling by decree: No one will even be able to read the complete text of this pretended law until after it is passed. (44 minutes)

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Liberty Net: August 21, 2010

by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

THE LIBERTY NET enjoyed good propagation and even more high-IQ debate and conversation than usual this week, and the uncensored ideas flowed freely in a way that you simply cannot experience in the corporate media.

[wpaudio url=”,%20Saturday%20%20%204h%2030m%2000s%20%20%20Source%20%20N2IRJ.mp3″ text=”Listen to or download the Liberty Net recorded August 21″]

Here’s a tiny sampling of the topics covered this week on amateur radio’s longest-running discussion net:

• Now that preparations are being made for starting a new war against yet another of Israel’s enemies, this time Iran, the controlled media and the regime in Washington are suddenly acting as if the Iraq War is over. But that isn’t true: The violence, terror, heartbreak, and death — both for the deluded American cannon fodder and the innocent Iraqis — is adding up more than ever. (28 minutes)

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Liberty Net for Week of February 6-13

by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

THIS WEEK the longest-running current events discussion net on Amateur Radio, the weekly Liberty Net, took place on its 3950 kHz LSB nominal frequency — though most weeks, interference, some of it intentional, forces the Net to be frequency-agile, usually within 10 kHz or less. Here are a few highlights from the free-swinging discussions that took place:

Listen to or download this week’s Liberty Net”]

• Obama has now publicly stated that Americans “should not be questioning” his citizenship. (25 minutes)

• Armed Haitian gangs continue to terrorize the island, including one attack on a UN aid convoy. Similar attacks take place regularly in sub-Saharan Africa and in areas of the U.S. where Haitians have immigrated in significant numbers. Also, cock-fighting and Voodoo remain strong presences on the island, as is the folk belief in the “Loup garou,” the possessed who kidnap and eat children; many accused of being “Loup garous” have been killed. (In France, the “Loup garou” is an old myth, like vampires are to us — but millions of Haitians not only believe in such things, but kill to “protect themselves” from them.) (27 minutes)

• Why did the power structure which got the boobs whipped up to pull the levers for Obama pick such a person, whose background and even citizenship is highly questionable? Answer: he is blackmailable. The power structure always wants a back-door way to get rid of its puppets in case they get out of control, and Obama is no exception. (52 minutes)

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