Liberty Net: December 8, 2012

by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

IT REQUIRED two frequencies — 3978 kHz to start (because Radio France’s DRM is now wiping out 10 kHz of spectrum centered on 3965) and 3983 later in the night to avoid Vatican Radio’s Latin transmission on 3975 — but the latest Liberty Net session was a forum as engaging and mind-opening as the best college class you’ve ever attended.

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Here are just a few of the concepts put forth and debated this week:

• Making every business a funding source for the huge turkey that our health care system has become will kill innumerable small businesses — they simply won’t be able to hire people as they have in the past. Highly profitable mega-corporations will benefit from eliminating the competition, though. (10 minutes)

• Why should we all lose our Second Amendment rights just because certain people and groups with low IQs and poor impulse control can’t be trusted with guns? Better to keep the rights — and cut ourselves loose from the irresponsible individuals and groups. (17 minutes)

• The only thing “backing” the dollar now is confidence — confidence in the integrity and probity of the regime and the bankers who own it. Confidence in these shysters and fraudsters is unwarranted, of course — but the word “confidence”, as in “con man” and “confidence game” — is perfectly apt. (41 minutes)

• Now that we have indebted ourselves, not only to the bankers, but to the Chinese, expect more and more of our businesses and gigantic tracts of irreplaceable productive land to fall into the hands of our implacable enemies. The Chinese must laugh heartily when they think of the plastic junk — most of it already in landfills — for which we traded our precious birthright. (46 minutes)

• In the last four years alone, the illegal Washington regime has placed us in $5,600 billion worth of debt bondage. Time to get rid of the debt — and the regime. (54 minutes)

• The US cities with the most draconian “gun control” laws are the cities with the highest murder and violent crime rates. (1 hour 9 minutes)

• Any law or agency which is in contradiction to the constitution is illegal, void, and of no effect. Therefore virtually all of the so-called “federal government” as it exists today is nothing more than gangs of violent outlaws operating under color of law — gangs which should be brought to heel. (1 hour 14 minutes)

• Now we are told that the Syrian government has “weapons of mass destruction,” and of course we must start killing Syrians to “stop them.” When, oh when, are the stupid American sheep going to stop falling for the Zionist warmongers’ lies? (1 hour 25 minutes)

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Thanks to W1WCR for running the Liberty Net, and thanks to all of you for checking in and making the net what it is today!

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