Liberty Net: February 2, 2013

Liberty Net - 860 vacuum tube

by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

WHEN THE AMERICAN revolutionaries of 1776 were organizing and speaking out, they didn’t use British-owned newspapers — they created their own media and found a way to bypass the established structures. The explosion of free speech was so effective that, after the revolution, they enshrined freedom of speech as the most sacred right of the people. The Liberty Net is a group of amateur radio operators who have been bypassing the censored media and exercising their right to freely share their thoughts since 1974. Join us this week!

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Here are some examples of the concepts discussed and debated during the latest Liberty Net session:

• Isn’t it interesting that the Middle Eastern nations which the Washington regime has bombed and invaded and fomented revolutions in were all attempting to break free of the “Western” fractional reserve banking system? (16 minutes)

• Is the military action in Mali part of a secret deal to get hold of the substantial gold reserves there? Is there any connection to the inability of New York banks to account for trillions in foreign gold deposits that are suddenly “unable to be delivered” to their owners? (19 minutes)

• The public meetings that the New York State Police scheduled to convince citizens to comply with the new draconian gun “laws” there are going very well — if by “very well” you mean that hundreds of people, possibly a majority of the attendees, are openly refusing, right in the face of the police, to obey these flagrantly illegal statutes. (23 minutes)

• Banks, and the governments they own, can now issue all the currency they want digitally and without the slightest effort. What, then, is the purpose of taxation? To spy on you, control you, and punish dissidents, of course. (38 minutes)

• An increasing number of researchers and writers of many different political points of view are suggesting that the gold supposedly stored in Fort Knox is long gone, just like the gold we thought was in the vaults of the New York banks. The really interesting question is: Who took it? (49 minutes)

• The “cash for clunkers” program ended up destroying hundreds of thousands of older cars, allegedly to boost the economy. What it ended up doing was massively driving up the cost of used cars, which hurt millions of struggling people — in order to help globalist corporations. (1 hour 5 minutes)

• Despite the recent sub-prime mortgage collapse, the Washington regime is instituting yet another program to forcibly transfer wealth to non-Whites — this time through rules requiring mortgage loans to “minorities” on special subsidized terms and with lower standards. (1 hour 8 minutes)

• When University of West Georgia student Nkosi Thandiwe shot three young White women, the Black killer openly stated he did so because he had learned in college that Whites were evil. Not only is this racially-motivated triple shooting not a major national news story, but independent researchers had to look up the women’s pictures on an online social network to discover that they were White. Amazingly, the local Atlanta Journal-Constitution used the same social network for biographical information on the women in its initial news stories, but pretended that the pictures didn’t exist and refused to even mention that the women were White. (1 hour 12 minutes)

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