Liberty Net: August 31, 2013


by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

WITH YET ANOTHER war for Israel (with the banks and their megacorporations profiting hugely on the side) on the horizon, these are times when it is more important than ever to get, and spread, uncensored information that the mass media’s gatekeepers don’t want us to know — and one way to do that is to check in, listen, debate, and share on amateur radio’s longest-running current events discussion net, the Liberty Net.

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Here are just a few of the concepts discussed on the Liberty Net this time:

• The fact that a substantial number of hominids on American soil actually believe “we must take action” because the Usual Suspects claim some Middle Eastern government used gas during a war indicates little more than that said hominids are brain dead and should never have been given the franchise. (17 minutes)

• The paucity of information about the “gas attack” is most telling. Even the type of gas is kept from us — if its name were to be revealed, it would almost certainly “make tracks” to a “wrong” country; that is, to Israel, the Washington regime, or some part of their unholy coalition. (24 minutes)

• The original “intelligence” that “Assad used poison gas” came from the Mossad. Nothing more needs to be said. (37 minutes)

• “DoNotTrackMe” is an increasingly popular, and free, add-on for your Internet browser which will alert you when a Web site tries to track you — and block them from doing so. (39 minutes)

• Obama’s behavior while pushing the Zionists’ war agenda is so incompetent that it makes one suspect that he is purposely trying to fail; a kind of passive-aggressive rebellion against his handlers. (1 hour 9 minutes)

• Out of the 25,000 students who took university entrance exams in the African country of Liberia this year, every single one of them failed. Repeat after me: The races are equal, the races are equal, the races… (1 hour 27 minutes)

• Law is no longer law in this country: law is whatever the man with power tells us it is. (2 hours 29 minutes)

• The NSA claims that we have nothing to worry about; that they are merely storing “metadata” from our telephone calls “in case it is needed.” If you believe that, I have some real estate between the east and west banks of the Mississippi I’d like to sell you. Tell it to the Danish man denied entrance into the US because his telephone number was similar to one called by some alleged “terrorists.” (2 hours 36 minutes)

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Listen: Liberty Net 8/31