Liberty Net: September 21, 2013


by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

THIS WEEK’S Liberty Net marked my return to on-air participation. From all indications the Marconi antenna used here at WB4AIO is producing an effective signal. Many thanks to the net participants who gave me such a excellent welcome!

Listen: Liberty Net 9/21

Here are just a few of the events and ideas discussed and debated on the Liberty Net this time:

• A huge and growing percentage of new jobs in the US are now part-time. The obvious reason for this is that employers don’t want the onerous paperwork, financial, and other requirements mandated by Obamacare and other “programs” for full-time employees. If even the most Politically Correct of megacorporations are avoiding these programs as much as possible, how desirable can they really be? — to say nothing of how illegal they are. (7 minutes)

• Thinking that fatal shootings are caused by having too many guns is like thinking that obesity is caused by having too many spoons. (9 minutes)

• The Washington regime now claims that the New York City Fire Department is “racist” (yeah, right) because the department requires applicants to pass written tests — tests that many Blacks and Mestizos are unable to pass. (10 minutes)

• Why should we have any respect for a law enforcement establishment which inflicts the most horrible punishments on average citizens for the slightest infraction of arcane, probably illegal, “laws” — or victimless “non-crimes” — and yet refuses to even consider indicting the criminals in Washington and Wall Street? (18 minutes)

• Should the Liberty Net be promoted via advertising in the growing alternative media? Back in the 1970s, classified ads for the net were run to good effect in the Spotlight newspaper, and the alternative media have grown a hundredfold since then. (21 minutes)

• The Jewish-operated multimillionaire lawyer group and private intelligence agency “SPLC” arrogates to itself the right to define what a “hate group” is, but it has gone virtually insane recently, putting even the most innocuous pro-family and pro-European-American institutions into that category. Considering how one of the SPLC’s primary functions is to ruin the personal lives of its opponents, perhaps it’s time to realize who the real haters are. (33 minutes)

• Add another name to the endless list of victims who paid the ultimate price for the oligarchs’ deliberate importation of non-Whites into our countries: beautiful 21-year-old mother Jenna Cartwright, whose name will not — repeat, not — be trumpeted in the corporate media to even 1/1,000th the level of Trayvon Martin’s. (40 minutes)

• ACORN’s former head Bertha Lewis spoke to the Congressional Black Caucus (a group which is not only allowed but encouraged by the oligarchs) in an effort to unite Blacks and Third World immigrants in a coalition against White people. She did use one apt expression: “America is a shape-shifter.” (46 minutes)

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Our deepest thanks go to W1WCR for his hard work and courage in running the Liberty Net, which is now in its 39th year.

Listen: Liberty Net 9/21