Liberty Net: October 12, 2013


by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

DO THE NEWS and ideas you hear on the Liberty Net often prove prophetic, quite the opposite of what you hear on the so-called “mainstream media”? That’s because the Liberty Net is a group of free-thinking citizens sharing information to the best of their honest ability — not a bunch of paid shills out to deceive you and send you down blind alleys. Why not check in and add your voice today?

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Here’s a sampling of the ideas brought up on the net this week:

• The ATF is trying to prevent the publication of a book by one of its agents titled The Unarmed Truth. The writer and publisher say it’s going to be issued no matter what the regime says. What is the ATF trying to hide? (9 minutes)

• The NSA’s massive new data center in Bluffton, Utah is having problems. Seems there are some inexplicable and massive electrical surges that are frying some of the equipment. The totally illegal center, designed to spy on American citizens, is expected to cost $1.4 billion and will use a steady 65 megawatts of electricity — or about a million dollars a month for power alone. One hopes that the surges will be fatal to center’s mission, and that as the regime employs ever more Third Worlders in all its spy and murder and secret police agencies, its competence will plummet to near zero. (11 minutes)

• Now that the regime is trying to federalize health care, will they pull the same trick as the military — putting former soldiers with possibly “incorrect” opinions on the NCIS “no buy” list so they can’t buy a gun, even though they never had any legitimate psychological problems justifying such an action? (25 minutes)

• Now that the regime has entrenched itself in power with the votes of aliens, “legal” and illegal, there is no hope to be found in electoral politics for the remaining Americans. Think secession. Think civil disobedience. Think monkey-wrenching. Think revolution. (35 minutes)

• Larry Nichols has now confessed to carrying out beatings and murders-for-hire while working for Bill Clinton. (48 minutes)

• Guess who was supporting and in attendance at the recent pro-illegal-alien rally on the Mall in Washington — yes, the one that took place when the veterans were turned away. None other than the internationalist oligarch and owner of Fox News, Rupert Murdoch. (55 minutes)

• According to a recent poll, the pro-White Front National is now the leading political party in France. Reason to celebrate! (1 hour 2 minutes)

• A new genetic study shows that 80 per cent. of the mitochondrial DNA of Ashkenazi Jews comes from European women — and not from the Middle East; indicating that this particular branch of semi-semi-Semites has a very tenuous claim indeed to being “chosen,” or any more deserving of Palestine than the real Semites who have lived there for millennia. (1 hour 6 minutes)

• One reason the ever-proliferating “NGOs” (Non-Government Organizations) are being funded by the billionaires is to foster “social change” in any country which dares to oppose the banker/corporate/Zionist agenda. In Hungary, the Jobbik Party has proposed a law requiring all NGOs to reveal their sources of funding. This has enraged one NGO, the Bilderberg Group, which has retaliated by using its billions in an attempt to invalidate the recent election which saw Jobbik enter the legislature. Russia has also passed a similar law, so expect more “hate Russia” propaganda from the controlled media soon. (1 hour 10 minutes)

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Listen: Liberty Net 10/12