Liberty Net: October 5, 2013


by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

ONE FUN THING you can do while listening to the Liberty Net online — on N2SAG’s Ustream feed or on the live feed right here on — is join in one or both of the discussion rooms at these sites. Some of the over-the-air participants chat there too, and information is passed back and forth both ways.

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Here are just a few of the topics brought up on the Liberty Net this week:

• Many Liberty Net participants might not know that our net control operator, W1WCR, is also the author of the highly-respected Beverage Antenna Handbook. If you’re interested in this special low-noise and highly directional receiving antenna, visit for more information. (4 minutes)

• Even though they tried to annoy people as much as possible with their choice of what to shut down and what to keep running, one cannot deny what a beautiful thing it is to see 800,000 regime parasites instantly out of a job. (14 minutes)

• Why were the so-called Social Security Trust Funds not invested in inherently valuable, growing, dividend-paying securities? (16 minutes)

• As long as the government is shutting things down, how about shutting down all the wars, proxy wars, and open CIA terrorism and murder that the Washington regime engages in daily? (27 minutes)

• More and more people — left and right — are coming to the realization that the entire banking system, not just the Federal Reserve, is a complete fraud. One hopes that these criminals will not be tolerated for much longer. (34 minutes)

• Why do the thieves even bother to have a “debt ceiling”? Obviously our purpose as human beings is to work our entire lives to pay taxes which are primarily used to pay “interest” to super-wealthy bankers, adding to their countless trillions. We get it. (47 minutes)

• Are you absolutely sure that you want to hand control of your medical care over to the Washington gang and the ripoff industry cartel they have set up to take your money and give you next to nothing? Apparently some of the suckers haven’t even be able to sign up because the “exchange” Web site doesn’t function properly. Not a good sign. (54 minutes)

• Chicago has become such a Third World hellhole that even emergency medical personnel are being attacked by non-White thugs as they try to save lives. How long before huge swathes of the city become no-go areas except for the feral residents? (1 hour 9 minutes)

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Listen: Liberty Net 10/5