Liberty Net: October 19, 2013


by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

AMATEUR RADIO is not only a hobby — it is a community. In my life, it has brought me into contact with some of the best minds and kindest people I have ever known in my life, many of those being participants and leading figures in the highest-IQ and most warm-hearted net in the history of amateur radio — the Liberty Net. Check in and join us this week!

Listen: Liberty Net 10/19″]

Here’s a small selection of the many ideas debated on the net this time:

• An increase in the “national debt” of $328 billion in one day! Just another proof that we have government by, of, and for the bankers. (7 minutes)

• Another “enrichment of our culture” coming from African immigrants is the practice of “breast ironing,” which involves the flattening (and permanent deformation) of adolescent females’ developing breasts with hot irons, stones, and other objects. (10 minutes)

• New scientific analysis of some of the oldest remains of ancient Egyptians shows that they were closely related to today’s southern Europeans. (13 minutes)

• Some folks are now referring to Zuckerberg, Bloomberg, and Soros as the “Trinity From Hell,” because of their support for ever more control and surveillance of Americans — while at the same time demanding that those same Americans involuntarily support the state of Israel. (26 minutes)

• If we had our own government and our own media, the “Knockout Game” (in which non-White thugs compete to see who can knock out a random — usually elderly — White person in a single punch) would not be tolerated for an instant, and its eradication would be a cause célèbre trumpeted on every single news broadcast. (28 minutes)

• The regime in Canada is now constructing their own stadium-sized spying data center — code-named “Camelot” — at a cost of about $1.2 billion. It’s far past time for a revolution all over the “Western” world. (36 minutes)

• Amidst all the furor over changing the names of sports teams, buildings, schools, and even towns to meet the demands of supposedly offended non-Whites, there is something even more important going on. The eradicators are trying to erase our heritage, true — but far more important is the fact that thy are trying to eradicate us as a race. (52 minutes)

• A creature named Jeh (pronounced “Jay”) Johnson has been nominated to be the head of the regime’s “Department of Homeland Security.” Johnson’s main claim to fame has been his support of drone warfare against innocent women and children and his formulation of a justification for the regime’s “right” to kill American citizens. (1 hour)

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Once again, thanks to W1WCR for running this important and historic discussion net — now in its 39th year — and thanks also to N2IRJ for making these recordings available.

Listen: Liberty Net 10/19″]