Liberty Net: November 16, 2013


by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

AS THE PONZI scheme that is modern finance capitalism continues to fail, and the phony Marxist and “liberal” schemes that purport to ameliorate it also fail, people are going to be depending more and more on their families, neighbors, friends, and local communities for the necessary goods, services, and social connections that they’ll need to survive and prosper. That will make spontaneous social groups like the Liberty Net more important than ever in the future.

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Here is a selection of some of the ideas discussed this week on the Liberty Net:

• Why is the “Knockout Game,” in which Blacks gather in gangs and purposely try to knock out innocent Whites in one punch (and sometimes kill them in the process) — a “game” which is spreading across the United States — not a media cause celebre, as the Trayvon Martin killing was? (23 minutes)

• Since 9/11, police in the United States have killed more people than all the Americans who were killed in “Operation Iraqi Freedom.” Statistics also indicate that police officers are far more likely to commit domestic violence and sexual assault than the general population. Lesson: As America descends into Third World racial savagery, we increasingly “need” a more militarized and thug-like police force just to keep the savages in line. Far better to separate from the savages — and the uniformed thugs too. (32 minutes)

• As the arguably human population burgeons and the seas become disastrously overfished, many food stores have taken to falsely labeling less desirable (but at least available) seafood to fool their customers. Some avoid this issue, and others, by choosing vegetarianism. (1 hour 5 minutes)

• Music has a very deep effect on the minds and souls of young people. Therefore there are few crimes greater than the media masters’ promotion of “rap” filth to our young people. (1 hour 15 minutes)

• Would it be possible to successfully sue the billionaires’ media for their multiple lies and sins of omission that have led us into Zionist wars, promoted unconstitutional government policies and programs, and concealed innumerable crimes of said billionaires? (1 hour 22 minutes)

• The government of the founders was designed to be, above all else, a guardian of our people’s liberty. Today the regime in Washington is the chief enemy of our liberty — and even of our very existence itself. (1 hour 37 minutes)

• Why is it that those who try to create honest, non-inflatable currencies — like the Liberty Dollar folks, and now Bitcoin — find themselves harassed or imprisoned by the bankers’ regime in Washington and their “FBI” and “Justice Department”? (1 hour 47 minutes)

• States, cities, and counties all across the country have pension plans that are some $126 billion short. Where did all the money go? And will the banks step in to “save the day” with more “loans” created out of thin air? (2 hours 10 minutes)

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Listen: Liberty Net 11/16″]