Liberty Net: November 23, 2013


by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

PROPAGATION WAS not kind to the Midweek Liberty Net this week — it was almost impossible for stations closer than 400 miles away to hear one another, and a proper recording was impossible — but the Saturday session participants experienced excellent signals, even better than usual.

Listen: Liberty Net 11/23″]

Here is a small selection from the concepts brought up on the Liberty Net this time for debate and discussion:

• It approaches the preposterous — no, the supernatural — that the Zionist oligarchs and their lapdog politicians and “journalists” are once again trying to convince us that we must make war on yet another country, this time Iran, because it “possesses weapons of mass destruction.” If anyone has WMDs, by the way, it’s the US and Israel. (5 minutes)

• Immediately after the John F. Kennedy assassination, the media — and then-Supreme Court Justice Earl Warren — were making claims that a conspiracy of “right wing extremists” was behind the killing. When it was later disclosed that a Communist was involved, all of a sudden the party line shifted, and any hint of a conspiracy was denied. (10 minutes)

• It doesn’t matter much which party, Democrats or Republicans, gets elected these days. Both parties are creatures of the banks and of Wall Street and of the oligarchs, and all their rhetoric about “liberty,” “the constitution,” “fairness,” and “compassion” are window dressing for the suckers and nothing more. (37 minutes)

• One of the major buyers of US government debt has been China’s central bank. But now they’ve decided they’ve had enough and aren’t buying anymore: an ominous sign if you like the fractional reserve slavery we live under — but a hopeful sign for those of us who want to be free. (41 minutes)

• A real ominous sign, though, is that China is using part of its huge stash of dollars by buying up massive tracts of energy-rich land, and even whole energy companies, in the United States. (50 minutes)

• One may or may not approve of much of what Alex Jones says and yet still be impressed with the success he’s had as an outsider stealing the audience away from the billionaires’ media. Jones’ recent rally in Dallas had an audience measured in the millions. (1 hour 4 minutes)

• The heavily-armed quasi-military thugs that constitute modern police forces became inevitable the instant that our self-styled masters decided to make America into a Third World country. In short, a Third World population requires a Third-World-style police force. Police recruiters, in fact, have in several cases been caught purposely hiring lower-than-average intelligence testees, presumably to recruit thugs who won’t question their orders, no matter how illegal or brutal they are. (1 hour 10 minutes)

• Why was John Kennedy killed? There are some ways in which he went against the wishes of the oligarchs — from issuing debt-free currency to planning to limit the power of the CIA. Whatever was the “straw that broke the camel’s back,” it’s evident that JFK was a man who insisted on actually being in charge and who rebelled at being an errand boy for the money men. (1 hour 22 minutes)

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Listen: Liberty Net 11/23″]