Liberty Net: December 14, 2013


by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

PROPAGATION ON the 75 meter band continues to be long, making the Liberty Net participants far outside the Northeast especially valuable, since closer-in stations sometimes have a hard time hearing one another under current conditions. Stations more than 400 miles distant are, typically, relatively unaffected.

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Here’s a small selection of the ideas brought up on the net this session:

• Even though they have received countless billions of dollars in “bailouts,” the banks still can’t pay their tellers enough to keep more than a third of them off government assistance. (19 minutes)

• Debt at compound interest, coupled with the “fractional reserve” banking system of creating all money as debt, is a totally unsustainable system guaranteed to impoverish the people and the nation — and ultimately crash. Time to cancel all bank debt and start again, with an honest money system this time. (37 minutes)

• Perhaps it is fitting that the increasingly brutal regime in Washington is now training its armed thug “law enforcement” officers in the home of one of the most oppressive regimes on Earth, the state of Israel. (1 hour 9 minutes)

• Notice the paucity of news in the billionaires’ media about Syria lately? That’s the because the oligarch-backed “rebels” are losing. (1 hour 17 minutes)

• Another misreported story is that of the protests in Ukraine: What the lapdog journalists want you to believe is that the majority of Ukrainians want to ally with the bankers’ phony “European Union.” What they don’t want you to know is that the pro-EU protests are largely funded by banker-controlled and CIA-linked “human rights groups” and “NGOs.” (1 hour 27 minutes)

• The Washington regime’s dysfunctional “health care” monopoly has already been reported to be accessing its unwilling and unwitting customers’ bank accounts without authorization. (1 hour 29 minutes)

• Uruguay has now joined the list of countries and localities which have decriminalized the use of marijuana. Why not decriminalize all self-medication and cut out the medical/pharma priesthood entirely? (2 hours 1 minute)

• Emigration of relatively well-educated and prosperous American Blacks to Africa is the solution not only to America’s worst racial problems, but also to some of the chronic problems of that continent. (2 hours 35 minutes)

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Listen: Liberty Net 12/14″]