Liberty Net: December 7, 2013


by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

THE INTERNET is a great and, so far, little-censored medium for debate and for bypassing the controlled media. But for truly understanding the other fellow’s point of view, there’s nothing that can match hearing — and responding to — the other speaker’s actual words, and actual voice, in real time. That’s one of the great strengths of the Liberty Net.

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Here’s a small selection from among the debates on the net this week:

• The media talk on December 7th embodied two great hoaxes: the idea that the 1941 Pearl Harbor attack was a “surprise” to the regime in Washington, and the “sainted” image of murderer, terrorist, and Communist Nelson Mandela. (26 minutes)

• One of the “revolutionary” methods used by Mandela’s ANC against their Black political rivals was called “necklacing” — which was accomplished by placing a gasoline-soaked automobile tire around an immobilized victim’s neck, then setting it afire. The deaths suffered were prolonged and agonizing. (30 minutes)

• Real economics can never be taught in regime-backed schools. If it were, the phony “socialism” and “capitalism” of the regime would collapse in short order, and the fractional reserve banking scam would be ended for all time. (39 minutes)

• Bitcoin sounds like an honest, inflation-free, and usury-free currency. But, if it is, why are dishonest banker-controlled governments acting so friendly toward it? Are they attempting to co-opt this new money in order to make it dishonest — to make it traceable by thieving governments — to save their fractional reserve con game? (47 minutes)

• If you want a model for what is being done to America and its European majority, look to the former Rhodesia — now hellhole Zimbabwe — and its sister hellhole South Africa. (2 hours 32 minutes)

• Are the bankers — who, far more than government, control the money supply — purposely causing inflation and depression in order to “harvest” failed businesses and grab more real wealth for themselves? (3 hours 5 minutes)

• To what extent are the Third World invasions of formerly White countries fueled by a desire for cheap labor? (3 hours 34 minutes)

• Why, when the media list the “richest families in the world,” are the Rothschilds often left out? — especially when the Rothschilds’ wealth far exceeds all of the others? (3 hours 39 minutes)

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Listen: Liberty Net 12/7″]