Liberty Net: January 18, 2014


by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

EVEN THOUGH we are near a sunspot peak, the 75 meter band persists in acting as if we’re at a sunspot minimum, making nearby and medium-distance stations very hard to hear at times. But thanks to relay stations at greater distances, like KK4WX in Georgia, the Liberty Net continues to communicate quite effectively.

Listen: Liberty Net 1/18

Here’s a selection of some of the ideas brought up on this week’s session:

• Acknowledging that people ought to be able to medicate themselves however they see fit, it would still be good to know if marijuana has gone through the same series of tests for possible carcinogenic properties as tobacco and other drugs. (15 minutes)

• For maximum privacy, Microsoft Windows users should turn off automatic crash reporting. (23 minutes)

• With the price of legal marijuana in Colorado now at $400 an ounce, it’s hard to believe that people won’t start cultivating their own now, no matter what the laws. (25 minutes)

• An amateur in formerly-Communist Bulgaria recently remarked how sad it was that the same ideology that tyrannized his country for decades is now gaining popularity in the United States. (31 minutes)

• You had to see it to believe it: in a grocery line in Georgia, multiple working families were in line with a few meager purchases each — while an apparent welfare queen with an EBT card got a cart stuffed to the brim with the best quality food for free, far exceeding the combined purchases of everyone else in line. Thus the super-wealthy banking parasites buy the votes of the underclass, ensuring the perpetual enslavement of the rest of us. (35 minutes)

• The regime’s so-called Justice Department not only does nothing to stop the epidemic “knockout game” which targets vulnerable White people for attack, but they refuse to even recognize it as an issue. (1 hour 18 minutes)

• The same ethnic group that owned a large percentage of the slave ships trading in early America is the same group that owns the New York publishers that now blame the trade almost exclusively on White Southerners. (2 hours 15 minutes)

• Those who promoted slavery in early America succeeded in genetically mutilating the United States, and now, out of pretended concern for the former slaves, they continue the process, striking at the very heart of our nation. (2 hours 32 minutes)

Don’t be shy — check in to amateur radio’s historic Liberty Net every Saturday and Wednesday night — on some clear 75 meter frequency, usually above 3950 kHz SSB (lately 3995 has been used quite often). The net has to be frequency-agile to avoid receiving, or causing, interference. And check out our Internet feeds which can help you copy, and communicate with, weak stations. The “live” links can be found in the left column of this site.

Kudos and thanks go to Vic, W1WCR, for his decades of hard work for free speech and amateur radio!

Listen: Liberty Net 1/18