Liberty Net: March 28, 2015

dancing_knobsby Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

WITH DIANNE FEINSTEIN threatening to criminalize the reading or downloading of “unapproved” information on the Internet, it’s good for all of us to cultivate alternative means of communication — among which we amateurs should definitely count the Liberty Net.

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Here’s a small selection from, and commentary about, some of the discussions taking place this week:

• Was there a Muslim or Jewish connection to the intentional airliner crash by Lubitz? The claims of a Muslim connection are based on the speculations of a single Internet commenter. Lubitz is a common Jewish name in the area where he lives. But there seems to be no political motivation here. A romantic breakup coupled with perverse and unfocused hatred (against Gentiles in general?) seem to be the main culprits. (5 minutes)

• Duck Duck Go has awarded $100,000 in prizes for the four best privacy-enhancing software for this year: 1) EFF Privacy Badger browser addon; 2) GPG Tools Privacy Suite; 3) Freedom of the Press Foundation’s Secure Drop; and 4) Riseup’s Tails operating system. (10 minutes)

• It’s a fact: Blacks and Mestizos commit far more violent crimes than Whites in the United States. (28 minutes)

• To those who wonder if it’s time to bury their guns: If it’s “time to bury them,” then it’s even more so time to get them out of storage and load them. (36 minutes)

• Why is there any controversy about assisted suicide in this country? It’s standard procedure in almost any hospice you care to name. (45 minutes)

• In Yemen and Iraq, the US is both militarily helping — and fighting against — Iran. This seemingly insane policy is a result of American subservience to Israeli interests, which seeks a maximum of chaos, dysfunction, and ineffective fanaticism in Arab states. (46 minutes)

• Why is there no massive resistance against the Islamic invasion? It seems a paradox, but it is primarily because such resistance has been demonized, if not criminalized, by the Jewish power structure. Yet Jews and Muslims are widely perceived as enemies. The explanation is that Jewish groups want chaos, division, and conflict in Gentile nations everywhere — which makes us 1) less of a threat, and 2) easier to rule. (56 minutes)

• In Australia, the government is now proposing to tax the money in your bank account. Naturally, they’d never consider taxing the fraudulent profits made by the bankers on the money they create out of nothing. (1 hour 1 minutes)

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Listen: Liberty Net 3/28