Liberty Net: March 30, 2013

Liberty Net - gold-microphone

by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

DO YOU HAVE an idea that you’d like to share with other intelligent, thoughtful radio amateurs in a free, uncensored setting? Why not check in to the Liberty Net? If you can’t check in because you’re temporarily off the air, send a message to us via the contact form at and we’ll pass it along. On the air since 1974, the Liberty Net is amateur radio’s oldest current events discussion net.

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Here are just a few selected topics that were brought up for for discussion during this week’s net:

• If you think the Greek and Cypriot economic collapses were grueling, just wait for Spain’s — which is much larger, and imminent. These countries have populations with a high genetic quality, and excellent education systems. So why are they falling apart? It’s because they’ve all been raped by the inherently fraudulent and unsustainable fractional reserve banking system. (7 minutes)

• When one of the billionaires’ mega-corporations like Starbucks or Home Depot supports non-White immigration or state-sanctioned sexual perversion — or some other aspect of the oligarchs’ agenda for our eventual slavery and extinction — it’s still possible to support small businesses instead, and deny the money-men your business. (30 minutes)

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Liberty Net: March 23, 2013

Liberty Net - McMurdo-Silverby Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

AS THE SNOW starts to melt and the static levels rise, it’s a good time to upgrade your antenna and your signal on the always very competitive 75 meter band. Remember, a high and clear antenna is much more important than the amount of power you run. Put up that full size antenna, and get it up fifty feet or more and in the clear! When you check into the Liberty Net with a “killer” signal, all the net participants will thank you.

Listen: Liberty Net 3/23″]

Here’s a small selection of the topics that were brought up for debate during this week’s Liberty Net:

• Once again, it was Russia trying to prevent the bankers and their governments from stealing the money of bank depositors, this time in Cyprus. The conflict between Russia and the criminal oligarchs is worldwide in scope and goes far beyond Cyprus. Expect more anti-Russian propaganda from Fox News and the other oligarch-controlled media outlets. Ultimately, the American saps may be ordered to bomb and murder innocent Russians. Let’s hope they wise up before that happens. (11 minutes)

• Why is the regime in Washington trying to monopolize the purchase of ammunition, to the point where individuals are finding the store shelves bare? What do the regime’s agencies — even ones not normally involved in arms at all — intend to do with literally billions of rounds each? (18 minutes)

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