Liberty Net: April 23, 2016

Liberty-Net---radio_daysby Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

JUST LOOK at a map of Europe and compare it to a map of Asia and it is easy to see that White people are more individualistic and less united than Asians — the countries in Europe are smaller; the national groups are both more numerous and more fractured. With the immigration invasion and the Jewish threat, though, it’s about time for Whites — from Madrid to Moscow, from Rapallo to Reykjavik, and beyond — to become much more united.

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Here’s my selection of ideas and issues from among those discussed on this week’s Liberty Net, along with my take on them:

• Ever hear of “virtue signaling”? It’s a type of cuckery that self-hating White people do. It can involve adopting Black children or non-White cultural practices or supporting anti-White political causes — all as a means of showing how “good” they are according to the Jewish-created inverted morality they have internalized. And it’s not just left-wingers or liberals who do this: A lunatic “anti-racist” White evangelical fundamentalist couple recently implanted Black embryo triplets in the wife’s womb. (31 minutes)

• Some analysts are now saying that Trump has gained the support of a behind-the-scenes anti-neocon coalition of military and intelligence officers who are sick of America’s endless wars for Israel. (51 minutes)

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Liberty Net: April 4, 2015

Liberty-Net---mixing-consoleby Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

THERE’S NO DOUBT about it: The Liberty Net is one of the few places anywhere on the airwaves where you can get refreshing, open, and incisive discussion of issues and events — sans the usual taboos and political correctness imposed by the ethnically distinct billionaires who own and control the major media.

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Here’s my small selection from, and commentary about, some of the discussions taking place on the net this week:

• A new telephone scam is making the rounds — the victims, many of them older, are called and told the call is from the IRS and that they can pay off their “tax debt” right now by using a debit or credit card over the phone. As bad as it is, the scale of these scammers is nothing compared to that of QVC and the Home Shopping Network, who tailor their pitches to the lonely and elderly by presenting their salespeople as substitute “friends.” (15 minutes)

• It’s good to see growing anti-Islamic-invasion movements developing all over the White world. But it’s disappointing when some of these organizations fail to note the central Jewish role in opening the gates to Muslims. (20 minutes)

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Liberty Net: April 5, 2014


by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

SINCE THE 75 METER band seems to be getting more and more traffic around 3995 kHz LSB, where the Liberty Net normally congregates, it would be helpful if some net participants could show up an hour or so early and start a QSO when the frequency is clear and open — and then turn it over to the Net Control Station (NCS) at the appointed time.

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Here are just a few of the topics brought to light during the net this week:

• The Washington regime’s phony “investment” plan, MyRA, is predicted to be an abject failure. And that’s no surprise: The instrument forces the suckers to invest in government bonds with an effective negative rate of return, plus a tax obligation. (34 minutes)

• With new shortwave receivers being sold and developed constantly, is it not odd that so many shortwave broadcasters are being shut down, dismantled, or mothballed, with the excuse being a declining audience? (50 minutes)

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